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About that time I ran through the 6ix with some woe's... you know how that shit goes


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           It is a clear and known fact that women in media are often seen as the object and not the subject. Women have been fighting for decades to gain the equality that is well deserved, but when people like Robin Thicke come along, all the blood, sweat, and tears that those women went through to get to where we are today sets society years back. In 2013 Robin Thicke created a very controversial and demeaning song and music video called “Blurred Lines”.

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             Today in society, one of the number one obsessions is to be fit, skinny and ready for bikini season. It is a universal obsession that is similar to all age groups. “We're in the midst of an epidemic, one that's destroying both the quality and the longevity of our lives. It affects not just us but our children, and likely their children, too. And while this epidemic has been around a while, it's growing at an alarming rate, not just here but around the world.

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Men and Women do not go to Wall Street to not make money, the whole point of to Wall Street, and entering the business world is to make money. It is known that throughout history people have known in advance about certain products or stocks before anyone else. Therefore they would know when to sell and when to buy their products to benefit themselves with the most money. On the down side, there is always a risk, which is getting caught and maybe going to prison. For someone who craves adventure and making money this is the perfect situation for you, otherwise I advise to stay away.

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About that time I ran through the 6ix with some woe's... you know how that shit goes

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