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The article “At School, It Matters If You’re Black Or White” is an article written by Brent Staples, printed in The New York Times on March 28th, 2014. The article discusses evidence that keeps turning up to prove that school districts invoke harsher punishment against minority students in comparison to non-minority students. In fact, in an earlier case in the Christina School District in Delaware, an investigation identified examples in which African American students engaged in identical punishable behavior to white students.

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For centuries, men have had multiple expectations to live up to. Whether it be to be chivalrous, be the one with steady income, or even be the ones to engage with a woman rather than the opposite. In society, men shouldn't show signs of weakness, fear, or sadness without being called weak or soft. We are also human, we experience the same feelings, thoughts, and emotions as women do, yet we are the ones who must hide them and "man up" ? In this day and age, people have the right to express themselves however they want, and this is why this issue needs to be addressed.

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“A Racially Charged Exhibition in London Is Canceled After Protests” is an article written by Doreen Carvajal, printed in The New York Times on September 24th 2014. The article discusses how a new art exhibition in London had to shut its door due to many protestors believing the artwork being featured was filled with racist ideals. Created by the South African theater director Brett Bailey, the works of art were black actors that were presented in cages and shackles to re-create how caged up humans were in the 19th century. The show was supposed to have a grand opening.

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The Huffington Post article “White People Who Do Nothing Only Add To The Racism Problem” written by Simon Lapierre on July 10th 2014 shares a story of a man named Darrell Cannon. He was one man out of over 110 African American who were physically, sexually, verbally and psychologically abused by Commander Jon Burge and other ‘white’ detectives from 1972-1991. These men were victims of torture simply because of their skin color, but it didn’t stop there.

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