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Taking a look at how religious discord within families affects the quality of relationship between parents and young children. Research suggests that higher religious discord correlates with a lower quality relationship. From my experience I have found this to be true.

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One of the most controversial issues in modern society is the dispute between a woman’s right to have control over her body and the right of an unborn fetus to life. While proponents for both sides argue, and the media documents this political battle, it is vital that citizens are educated on the history of this movement. Williams’ article, “No Happy Medium,” achieves that through well researched evidence.

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The issue in the news that I’ve been writing about and plan to do my essay on is the stigma around mental health, how drug-free treatment (such as counseling and group therapy) is more effective than pharmaceutical treatment, and how these two topics have a connection. Some of the news stories that I’ve summarized that really caught my attention and inspired me to dig deeper was the story of Alain Magloire, a mentally ill homeless man who was shot and killed by police as well as the story of the 20 year-old Sasha Menu Courey who was raped by three of her fellow classmates.

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16 percent of our nation's homelessness population possesses a mental illness as well. Is right to give them permanent housing and keep them off the streets?

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Before the 1940’s mental health was mainly based on Sigmund Freud’s research on how the individual’s mental wellbeing was dependent on a mothers care, a functioning libido, conscious and unconscious mind. Someone who was known as “the father of client-centered therapy” (Holl, 1997) and  “the most significant humanistic theorist” (Cherry, 2014) has changed the world of psychology. The leading figure of psychotherapy and development of the popular theory of personality development is Dr. Carl Rogers.

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The issue of gay rights in our society has become a pressing matter in the past several years as the LGBT community fights to gain ground in the world. However, opponents of gay marriage continue to strike back, finding new ways to oppose the rights of this minority group of people. This article addresses arguments against gay marriage and provides discussion on why these hold little power in the fight for equality.

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Euthanasia has always raised several debates. In the following paragraphs you will read two similar stories from completely opposite parts of the world. These stories come to demonstrate the reason for opposition of euthanasia. Following these real life situations is an exploration of the medical and government views on supporting and challenging euthanasia. As you will read, for political achievement and medical advancement, euthanasia has been a source of controversy in every part of the world.   

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The diagnosis of ADHD in school-aged children has increased two-fold within the past decade. However, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between what is ‘normal’, immature behavior of young children from actual symptoms of ADHD.

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Animal abusers are routinely getting limited sentences for acts of high violence against animals, and courts are making few moves to attempt to address this issue.

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