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According to an article published in Montreal’s French newspaper La Presse on the twenty fifth of November, there would have been more than a million candidates who applied for a job in the Public Services at the national competition organized by the Chinese government last week-end. In fact, this competition is the modern form of a tradition old of thousands of years introduced by the Song dynasty (580-618 A.D) that had for purpose to reward nation’s greatest servitors.

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Tracy Ibezim Black Girl Film Review

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Even The Rain directed by Iciar Bollain (2010) is a film about a director and producer who choose to shoot their film about Christopher Columbus in Cochabamba, Bolivia in order to save mass amounts of money on production costs. However, once they start filming with the hired cast of native (whom they pay two dollars a day) they realize that many of their cast members are also protesting in demonstrations against the water privatization in Bolivia. Even The Rain brings many aspects of Bolivian culture and the struggles faced during the Bolivian Water War to light.

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  Blog Research 2

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College drinking is a serious problem and is caused by many problems, it leads to excessive drinking and kills many students around the nation every year because of alcohol poisoning.

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The article “UN human rights investigator says Canada needs inquiry into missing aboriginal women” by the Canadian Press in the Globe and Mail discusses the idea of human rights. Written on October 15th, 2013, this article mainly discusses the issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women. According to a senior UN rights official, the federal government should set up a national inquiry into this social issue. The Canadian government has already put forth a plan to deal with the issue of missing aboriginal women but many fear this will not be enough.

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Should religion be brought into American schools? Face to Faith thinks so and they believe that they have developed a great program to implement it.

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  Sanger Blog News   Title of Post: Medias implication on individuals-self esteem     Summary:

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