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In the CBC News article titled “Climate change could have devastating impact on global fisheries,” the author discusses a recent study by Cheung et al. (2016) in which it was found that climate change resulting in a global temperature increase of more than 1.5oC will have a serious negative impact on global fisheries. Many people throughout the world are dependent on fish as an important source of income and food, therefore the collapse of global fisheries could be detrimental.   

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            The oil sands operations taking place in Alberta are subject to much criticism due to the resulting negative environmental impacts. In the article from CBC News titled “Future of the oilsands: the good, the bad and the ugly” the author discusses the predicted declining growth rate of the oil sands resulting from 3 main factors: the drastic fall of oil prices, considerable changes in the North American oil industry, and more strict environmental policies. However despite this the oil sands are still expected to produce 3 million barrels of oil per day by the year 2020.

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