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First, what is this man box? It's the rules that men have to obey to fit in society, and to not be criticized for being different. It ranges from how a man is supposed to act, his limitations, and his behavior towards others. This box shows men that they are not supposed to cross a certain line, or else they have to be prepared to suffer the consequences. These consequences go from personal insults, physical violence and even murder. This box is supposed to police men on how to become real ''men''.   

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Too cool for school or too Islamic for school?  

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     So as some of you may know Emma Watson has started her job with the UN as Goodwill Ambassador. It was a surprise for me when I saw her speech at the UN that a week before she had been in my home country Uruguay and I had heard absolutely no news or whatsoever about it from my fellows back. As a result I posted on my FB status if anyone could give me ANY information about it, and as a response if got one link to a pamphlet of the parliament and another friend telling me that nobody really cares.

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                      In the article “Google Accused of Racial Discrimination”, Latifa demonstrates how the Internet seems to play a big role on the racial stereotypes present in our society. Latifa seems to especially focus on how Google appears to stimulate the relation between immigrant names and the stereotypical comments associated with them. Firstly, Latifa mentions that when people go on Google and search typical “black” names such as Darnell, there are numerous ads on criminal behavior compared to typical “white” names like Emma.

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In Donna Bowater’s article “Racism on Soccer Field in Brazil Still Hidden not so Deep Beneath the Surface”, posted on Al Jazeeri’s website on June 9th, 2014, we get sort of an insider’s point of view on racism in the sport, particularly in Brazil. She got statements from people who are involved in this world and that have witnessed this first hand.

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