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Soraya Chemaly writes in her blog “Mass Killings in the US: Masculinity, Masculinity, Masculinity” about the disturbing details and facts about the recent mass shootings which are occurring in the United States. In the US, mass shootings that occur in schools definitively do not go unnoticed. It is reported that 10% of mass shootings occur in schools and by October of 2015, 45 school-based shootings had already taken place.

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                             American Apparel is a clothing company which is mostly popular amongst teenagers and younger adults. This American clothing company is also well known for appearing in the headlines quite a lot because of its use of sexualized advertising. These types of ads obviously generate a lot of attention and are actually considered trendsetting in the advertising world.

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The trap of reaching the “perfect body shape”, why is it wrong?   I read and article posted the 14 October 2014  in The Guardian about body image, the article was written by Laura Bates and I really liked her point of view on the issue. She talked about body image, body confidence, the ideals society spread on us and how this things create anxiety, personal issues and unattainable physic figures and she also talked about some ways to fix this. So know, lets talk about body image.   

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