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Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner, Dianne Saxe, has released a report that states that the increasing amount of phosphorous is contributing the growing problem of harmful algal blooms in Ontario’s lakes (Riley, 2017). The news article gives a description of how farm practices and other agricultural works are one of the driving mechanisms behind the increase of phosphorus levels. The article also states how climate change is also a factor leading to more phosphorous inputs into the lakes and how this is contributing to the increase in the harmful algal blooms.  

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The provincial government of Calgary has stated that, despite environmental concerns, it is going to continue to construct the southwest Calgary ring road. The project is to cost the taxpayer $1.42 billion and will run through the wetlands surrounding the local area. These wetlands are of importance to environmentalists. This is to preserve the biodiversity of the area and maintain their habitats. The company, KGL Constructors, has been granted permission to fill in 24 of the wetlands permanently in order to construct the road.

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