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Over 70 percent of tropical reefs worldwide have been subject to coral bleaching over the past several years, but it seems as if that may be coming to an end. Not to say that coral reefs are in the clear and that no more bleaching will occur –a forecast from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) suggests that the high ocean temperatures that cause bleaching are no longer as widespread as they once were in the Indian Ocean. Though, there still exists heat stress in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans which include the Great Barrier Reef among many others.

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A swatch of boreal forest near Grassy Narrows, Ont., is planned to be clear-cut. This is a practice that has been done for many years now and been contentious for much of that time. The issue that many are having, and have had, is with the mercury that will be released as the trees are cut down.

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