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The article “At School, It Matters If You’re Black Or White” is an article written by Brent Staples, printed in The New York Times on March 28th, 2014. The article discusses evidence that keeps turning up to prove that school districts invoke harsher punishment against minority students in comparison to non-minority students. In fact, in an earlier case in the Christina School District in Delaware, an investigation identified examples in which African American students engaged in identical punishable behavior to white students.

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The article “Mario Balotelli’s Experience With Racism At World Cup Proves It’s Not a Thing Of the Past”, written for the Huffington Post Canada (no author) on june 27, 2014 explains that even if the majority of people think that racism is something from the past, it is not. Racism was really present in the last football World Cup. By example, racist remarks from soccer fans, media and even players from his own team affected Mario Balotelli, an Italian player. Even if he considers himself an Italian, he was attacked by racist messages because of his skin colour.

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Racism Live in Canada By: Robin Coward

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Personally I really don’t care what the media says about how a girl / women should look like to fit in the society because appearances doesn’t show how the persons personality, girls shouldn’t go through depression, get low self-esteem. What the media shows us how a girl / women should look in real life, it’s an illusion because appearances are not everything its all about how the person is. A girl doesn’t need to wear make up tight clothe to show people that she’s something, girls should focus more on their studies try to do something in there life and leave a mark on society.

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In her article, Laurie Penny (2013) speaks out about the recent magazine headlines: Miley Cyrus’ performance at the Video Music Awards. Penny questions the torment that Cyrus had recently been subject too, namely a letter written by Sinead O’Conner to Cyrus. Penny continues to state that many young women are faced with the same problem, whether to conform to societal norms and be a “good girl” as Miley Cyrus portrayed in “Hannah Montana” or whether to be able to use their bodies as a powerful weapon in their lives. She questions why we should be allowed to be seen in a certain way, and that is considered good, even something that is sought after, but if we act on these feelings and “objectify” ourselves we are seen as sluts, or like ideas. (Penny, 2013)

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On December 13, 2013 the CBC news released an article published by The Associated Press discussing the idea of child euthanasia. It turns out that in Belgium legislation has been proposed to legalize euthanasia for children under limited circumstances. If the law is to pass, it states that children who are in excruciating pain or children who are suffering from a terminal illness may submit a written document stating that they wish to go through with the euthanasia and that the child acknowledges the consequences.

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  Even with many years of advertisement of the negative effects of smoking during pregnancy, mother’s ignore the warnings and continue destroying both their health and their baby’s. Here are some articles that speak of the different outcomes of nicotine and carbon monoxide.

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