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Original title: One of the Best Urban Development Sites in the Country to be Transformed into New Walkable Neighborhood in Center of Downtown Cleveland

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In the news article " how the world could be running out of fish" it refers back to our older generations and discusses how we use to be hunters and gathers and that now fish are the only wild anmals that we hunt in large numbers. Many of the animals left on the planet are not hunted as much as they use to  because there simply isn't  a great number of certain species.  Certain marine animals like whlaes won't even be seen by future generations because of the potential risk certain species are of becoming extinct.

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What this article is talking about is how alaska is danger because of diminishing ice. Th ice protects alaska from the ocean and without it alaska may need to be evacuated. THe governor of alaska says that to combat this they need to drill even more to get oil so that they can make more money and fix this problem. Opinion:

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In “Nearly half of U.S. seafood supply is wasted, study shows” by Science Daily, it is said that U.S. in consuming too much seafood. The effect being that the sustainability of it is decreasing. The U.S. edible seafood supply is estimated to 4.7 billion pounds per year. Out of this, 47 percent, or 2.3 billion pounds is wasted every year (para.4).

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