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In this article found on The Guardian, written by Liz Ford, the situation about young women in Africa is exposed. Actually, it is said that the situation concerning teen marriage and pregnancy is urging, because if nothing is done to help, the high rate of pregnant teen will increase of 1 million from here to 2030. In fact, this situation is highly linked to the unequality of men and women because the 15 years old girls have almost no rights on their mariiage and even their pregnancy. Fortunately, the situation is currently held by the UN and they know what is important to do.

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This article looks at the many issues that teens experience while making their transition into the complex world of adulthood. It looks at their moods and reactions to things that accrue in their everyday lives such as loss of friendships depression or unbalanced anger. Parents are having trouble distinguishing when these outbursts really begin to take a tool on the Childs life, and when it is necessary to seek sources other than themselves for help.

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Did you ever think that when someone eats a meal and rushes to the bathroom to force it back up, in the hopes that they don’t gain the weight from fat and calories, that it isn’t their fault? Researchers are reaching new conclusions saying that eating disorders are directly linked to problems in society as a whole and the way our modern world functions.

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