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On the 18th of April 2015 at 2PM, Justice Femme, a non-lucrative organization, put together a meeting that included four panellists and 80 women to talk about how one should defend herself after being threatened on the street for wearing a hijab.

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             During the past few weeks, I have been reading and summarizing news articles about physical activity and health. In fact, it was proven that obesity was due to the lack of exercise and the lack of a healthy diet. Obesity rates have increased rapidly in a short period of time. To put you in perspective, one in four Canadians are obese (Super-Sized 2). Also, obesity rates have increased from 25 to 35 percent for women and from 20 to 35 percent for men between 1988 and 2010 (You Are What You Eat 2).

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On March 30 2015, Canada decided to extend its fight against the Islamic state in Syria. This important decision created an ongoing discussion in the Medias about its validity. Several analysts doubt the efficacy of the extension while others believe there is no better alternative. Such an intervention would have many impacts on Canada’s position in the world or on the evolution of the Islamic state in the Middle East.

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In the article “As wars go, Syria is pretty safe for Harper — so far”, L. Ian MacDonald is doing an interesting analysis of the conflict between the Canadian political parties about whether or not to expand the mission in Iraq to Syria. Stephen Harper, who wants to extend Canada’s military campaign against the Islamic State, affronts well his test so far. He is courteous with his opponents (NPD and Liberals) and does not intend to send on-the-ground military advisers into Syria. Indeed, this would be too much for Canadians to accept, too dangerous.

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Nicolas Henin, a French journalist, was held in captivity for 10 months by a British jihadist from the Islamic State. His interview with BBC permits us to understand some crucial concepts about those militants. Nicolas Henin describes his rare contacts with the captors as important sources of information. They do not differ from us, “they are children of our societies”. They talk the same language and watch the same TV shows ("from the Teletubbies to Game of Thrones"). These people do not have the Islamic or Arab culture; they have been fabricated by repeated false ideologies.

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A few weeks ago, Canada declared itself at war against the Islamic State. Harper’s government sent its first bombs on old Syrian military installation that had been taken by the Islamic forces. Despite the fact that the two opposite parties, NDP and Liberals were against this expansion, the government insisted on its importance.

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Aung San Suu Kyi, an activist from Burna, works to bring democracy to her military-ruled country since 1988. Her father, General Aung San, brought independence to this country and was murdered only 6 months before it became official, when Aung San Suu Kyi was only two. She thus went to live in India and studied later in the UK before coming back to Burma due to her mother’s illness. She arrived in Rangoon, capital of Burma, while the city was in a political outburst.

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Several months ago, nude celebrity pictures spread across the internet without the consent of their owners. Their publication opened a debate about privacy and civil liberties. In fact, these images could be found on several websites such as Reddit and 4Chan. These social networks permit their users to police themselves and moderators are used to remove flagged content. However, these companies are blamed for their lack of action concerning unlawful publications. Everything having to do with privacy is talked about now, not only the episode of nude celebrity pictures.

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This organization aims to help Syrians affected by the humanitarian crisis. Not only A Heart for Syria wants to provide them food, shelter, medical aid, clothes and money, but also psychological help. Sending stuffed animals, cards and pictures is another part of its goals. Numerous events as spaghetti dinners, concerts, theatres, etc. are done to inform Canadians of what is going on and to raise money. Also, A Heart for Syria has been able to send numerous volunteers in Turkey to organize the help for refugees.

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If at first glance, women are very present on television, they are more often anchors, and are thus selected for their physical and their fluency.n 2014 the French Superior Audio-visual Council (CSA) which is the authority of the self-regulation of the French broadcasting, brought out studies that show inequalities existing between both sex in their representation in TV programs.

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What is Fracking? Fracking is a mechanical and chemical means of opening fissures in rock to allow the escape of petroleum products such as oil and natural gas (methane). Fracking has been around for more than 150 years. The process used in fracking has evolved over those years to produce higher yields of product. The first commercial oil well was drilled in Pennsylvania by Edwin Drake in 1859. Since that first well was drilled different methods have been experimented with to increases the production rate of the wells. The methods used included injecting different liquids in the 1860’s. Explosives were even tried in order to fracture the rocks. In the 1930’s acid was used to etch or widen the crevasses in the rock. Modern day fracking began when the drilling company, Halliburton, patented a process called Hydraulic fracturing in 1949. That basic process has been used since then with some variation. The process of fracking produces large quantities of toxic byproducts. If these byproducts aren’t processed correctly they can lead to environmental issues. Other forms of energy production, such as coal mining and nuclear power have their own environmental issues. Over all, natural gas production has far less environmental impact than traditional coal produced energy. Richardson, J, Analyst at CohnReznick Think Energy Stanford University, 2014 Environmental costs, health risks, and benefits of fracking examined.

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A civil war in Syria is going on since 2011. Several times, the UN discussed possibilities of intervention to remove the Assad regime but Russia used the veto every time to counter these efforts. In 2013, the United States prepared themselves to enter in Syria with the help of France but the plans were canceled. Several political leaders such as Barack Obama, François Hollande and Steven Harper condemned the brutal actions of the Syrian government against its own people. However, what should we think of the fact that nothing happened yet?

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The issue of terrorism has never been more of importance than now, with the recent attacks on the French journal Charlie Hebdo. On January 7th 2015, two Jihadist brothers, Cherif and Said Kouachi killed 12 journalists of Charlie Hebdo, an editorial known for its opinion on Islam and terrorism (BBC News). The days following the attack, a hostage taking situation happened in a supermarket. Amedy Coulibaly and his wife Hayat Boumeddiene were the principal actors of the siege (BBC News).

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For more than a year now, the ISIS military group has shocked the world with inhumane public assassination and torture. Their terrorist acts are getting more and more attention and are much frequent nowadays. No countries had overtly declared that they were going at war against that group. Two weeks ago, a video release by ISIS members was released, and changed everything.

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Just the words “money manager” or “investment bank” bring to mind images of liars, cheaters, and connivers. Perhaps the greatest depiction of this utter lack of morality came in the winter of 2007, when the Great Recession began. This marked the beginning of the most severe global economic meltdown since the Depression. While the causes of the 2008 financial crisis are exceedingly complex, one of the key contributors was subprime lending. Without delving into the specifics of the crash, it came down to banks providing loans to individuals with poor credit (Denning).

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                The Supreme Court of Canada, in a unanimous decision, lifted the ban on assisted suicide for patients who are mentally competent to take decisions on their future. The decision was quite a surprise as the court changed its mind from a previous judgement contrasting their current approach. The ruling came after two women went in court in order to reverse the current law, which would enable them to die earlier and peacefully from their degenerative disease.

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In 1988, abortion was legalized in Canada. Regardless of this fact, it remains one of the most discussed and debated topics as it is still one of the few countries that allow it. Abortion is the termination of a fetus during human pregnancy and may easily seem morally unjust or ethically wrong seeing that many believe that a human life is being severed. Others view abortion as the removal of a fetus in a good light since they believe that a fetus is not alive until birth. For this reason it is not seen as an act of murder. 

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In September 2014, FIFA announced that the Women's World Cup would be held on artificial turf, a statement that leaded to some controversy. In fact, 40 women soccer players declared that they would fill a lawsuit for gender discrimination to have some equality with males. "They would never in a heartbeat think of putting anything less than grass for the men," Carrie Serwetnyk, former Canadian player said. "They'd protest. It would be a scandal" (News, CBC par.9).

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Coaches are extremely influential individuals in a child’s life when they are participating in a sport or any physical activity. Some coaches have a positive effect on children while others can negatively impact their mental health and overall academic and athletic performances. It is hard to imagine and admit that many coaches have demonstrated mental abuse on such athletes. This can be considered as bullying.

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A survey about global warning was conducted by New York Times, Stanford University and Resources for the future (“Global warning”). Americans were questioned about their views on the subject and their opinion on what the government should do about it. In general, Americans seem aware of the problem and they are 66% more likely to vote for a candidate who is ready to use new energies and to stop damaging the environment. 83% of Americans believe that if nothing is done to reduce global warming, it will become a serious problem in the world.

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The concept of protecting our young from danger is an essential part of life, for humans and all other animals on our planet. How we go about the raising of these children however, is something that has changed greatly over the decades and become a war of words between those enforcing stricter safety and rules and those who support independence and fun despite possible dangers. This article in particular focuses on a case that happened in Beaconsfield, Quebec this past January where a man refused to take down the snow fort in his front yard after it had been deemed dangerous by the town.

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“The pressure today is much less than it was, say, 15 years ago,” said Gaétan Barrette about medicals in training. “It’s much, much, much more accommodating than it was in my time.” After the suicide of a doctor in training less than 2 months ago, Quebec health minister denies the huge amount of pressure placed on med students. Geoffrey Vendeville questions his says in the article, “Med students aren't under too much stress, Quebec health minister says,” MontrealGazette, published on November 27, 2014.

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Although the new year has only yet begun, the bad news has already started coming. The aftermath of activity in Syria has begun taking it’s toll on refugees. According to an online article on The Huffington Post, 63 refugees have been found dead in a besieged Palestinian refugee camp so far.

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