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What is the benefit to studying law as a social science?/How should we approach the law as an academic field?

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I believe that we obey the law for many different reasons. One reason that we may obey the law is because that is how we were raised to do so. I was brought up learning to always follow the law and if I didn’t it would lead to undesirable consequences. Another reason I follow the law is I feel morally obligated to do so. This stems from my upbringing and the morals that I was taught and that I developed. The threat of punishment and consequences is a big reason we feel obligated to follow the law. The shame of having my name on “SooToday” is enough to keep me from breaking the law.

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Why do we obey the Law?

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Q: Do you have an example of ways that you encounter the law on a regular basis?   

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            Law is defined in our textbook in two ways. It can be described as a system of rules that are created by a government authority and supported by the enforcement powers of state. In addition to this, law can also be the expression of the way to live a good life. It is continuously evolving and because of this, the interpretation of the law is the most important factor.

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