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Altered HIV Gene Expression Leading to Faster CD4 Depletion  

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The article, “Spatial Assessment of Wolf-Dog Hybridization in a Single Breeding Period”, it talks about how studies on wolf-dog hybrids is becoming larger and larger. Saying how it is hard to do large sample data collecting due to the wide range of the packs. Because wolves and dogs share many traits it is hard for scientists to determine which genes to use to test DNA and separate the two. Because dogs and wolves have such similar characteristics, it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between a wolf, a dog, and a hybrid.

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Cloning, genetic engineering and characterization of TMOF expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae to control larval mosquitoes  

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Kianu Schwerdtfeger Kristin Muller Genetics 206 5 March 2017

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Venom systems have evolved on multiple occasions across the animal kingdom, and they can act as key adaptations to protect animals from predators [ 1 ]. Consequently, venomous animals serve as models for a rich source of mimicry types, as non-venomous species benefit from reductions in predation risk by mimicking the coloration, body shape, and/or movement of toxic counterparts [ 2–5 ]. The frequent evolution of such deceitful imitations provides notable examples of phenotypic convergence and are often invoked as classic exemplars of evolution by natural selection.

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