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On September 10th, 2013, Fox News uploaded a video entitled “Link between teen killers and violent video games?” where they seem to suggest a correlation between violent video games and violence. This raises the question; does playing violent video games promote violence? In this essay, I will attempt to discuss this issue .

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What constitutes Art is a complicated subject to define to begin with; but when artists begin to appropriate other peoples work the lines become even more blurred. This issue has recently been brought to light within social media when a man by the name of Richard Prince appropriated other peoples Instagram photos, without their knowledge or consent, blew up the images onto to portraits and then with minimal editing (nothing was done except the addition of a sentence to look like he had ‘commented’ on the photograph), he sold these images for upwards of 90’000 dollars.

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Chances are, you have probably heard about this moral dilemma before. It involves a terminally ill patient on their deathbed staying alive by a thread. The patient would rather end their life prematurely, then let their illness consume them and so they ask you, the doctor to lethally inject them. What do you do?

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