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Emmanuel Jal claims that the key to change everything is education. He suggests that we are killing a whole generation of Sudanese by only giving them food. Therefore, he says that he is willing to die for the right to education because he knows what it can do. What do you think about Emmanuel Jal’s point of view on education? Do you think that by giving Sudanese access to education we can empower them? 

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The episode of "Love, Hate & Propaganda" presents the manipulation of the American government through the use of media. It seems as if the Americans were the only one to fall for the lies of its government. In a similar context do you believe we are subject to this sort of manipulation of the media and what are the impact of such innocence?

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 The Merrian-Webster online dictionary defines "extremism" as the "belief in and the support for ideas that are very far from what most people consider correct or reasonable". Before being aware of this definition, I believed that extremism was only associated with extreme religious beliefs. Now that I know this definition, I know that extremism is associated with any extreme idea, whether its nature is religious or not.

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