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Achieving independence is the goal of many nations across the world. Being a Quebecker myself, I was very interested to learn more about the issue and to see whether or not independence is an effective way of protecting the culture of a nation. For that purpose, I studied three scholarly articles focusing on cultural, nationalism and Canadian studies. Ultimately, I learned that independence is indeed effective in protecting the culture of a nation, but only if the nation clearly defines itself and if it understands the importance of its works of art.

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Some children might have what we consider the perfect childhood, while others need to fight just to live one more minute. Some children need to fight against a disease that has no cure and others need to work, when they would be suppose to be at school,  just to get one meal a day. Children are never suppose to go through such things, I always believed that childhood is a moment where children are suppose to learn, play, be happy and not to worry about tomorrow.

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LGBT individuals, such as transgender people, face discrimination every day because of the societal belief of heteronormativity and cysnormativity. Transgender individuals have mental and physical health needs that make them dependent on the medical system in order to be at ease with their identity. However, they can also face discrimination and improper care when seeking help from health professionals.

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By adjusting the means or the overall end goal of the Federation of Muslim Women organization, the organization will better serve the community and build partnerships necessary for the society.Change Consultant Report: Changing the World One Veil at a Time          

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The original article discusses the efforts made by the PAQ organization in order to help get aboriginal Canadians off of the street and into a warm bed. The efforts made are also attempting to heal the minds of those aboriginals in every way possible. I took on the role of a change consultant to evaluate the effectiveness and feasability of this program specifically.

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Taking a look at how religious discord within families affects the quality of relationship between parents and young children. Research suggests that higher religious discord correlates with a lower quality relationship. From my experience I have found this to be true.

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  "Opinion: Seeking the right to vote" Emily Hazlett, Montreal Gazette  

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Summary of Peer Review Journal Article:

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The article that I chose mainly focused on bullying in Irish school systems and how cyberbullying is a new obstacle for school management and conducted research on how they can begin to put policies in place to help prevent cyberbullying. The article mentions how since the 1970’s research data has been collected and since then there has been a lot of data taken in regards to individual differences and aggression held toward defining features and sub-types. More importantly this data is being used to determine methods on how to help get rid of bullying and even cyberbullying for good.

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Sometimes disobedience is needed to show the authority how the masses feel. This is exactly what Rosa Parks did, and she ended up sparking a movement that would have a snowball effect until racism started to fade away. Rosa Parks is a staple in civil rights history; she is credited with sparking the flame that is the modern civil rights movement in the USA. Rosa was an average Joe, a poor seamstress from Alabama. One day she decided to refuse to give her seat to a Caucasian passenger on a city bus; at the time there were many segregation laws and regulations so this was strictly forbidden.

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1) The purpose of the speaker was to show that there is an equation for intelligence and what that equation is 2) The speaker audience was a ted talk assembly

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  Core Values & Goals: The Canadian Centre for Diversity wants to form a Canadian society without discrimination or prejudice. They see the importance of tolerance, acceptance and making society as peaceful as possible. They two goals of the organization are listed on their site as “to eliminate prejudice and discrimination through the advancement of education and public awareness & to provide information and public education concerning attitudes that lead to prejudice and discrimination.”  

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  Core Values & Goals: International Justice Mission Canada (IJMC) wishes to protect those who have been victim of sexual exploitation, slavery, and other forms of violent oppression.  IJMC is in partnership with the International Justice Mission American and strives for justice for victims of serious oppression, they see to it that perpetrators are prosecuted and also that the victims get the proper care and help that they need.  

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Core Values & Goals: Amnesty’s goals involve putting research and action together in an effort to limit and prevent the abuse of human rights and to help those whose rights have been abused in the past. They believe in strength in numbers because when we stand united we are most influential. With so many people speaking out the sky is the limit regarding the progress Amnesty can make in defending and protecting human rights.

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The rate of successful marriage has declined over the years and many don't know why. Could observing gay and lesbian marriages help us understand why straight marriages are failing and help stop the rate of divorce?

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I discuss how Colorado and Washington made the new laws for legalization of marijuana and what the new laws consist of. I also talk about the authors main point in her article.

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Although there are some disadvantages with having a society with many different religions, there are also many advantages. Yes, in a society with a variety of religions there will be conflict and also disagreement because of differing views, but in my opinion the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. With a numerous amount of religions there would be more of a choice for people, there would be many different viewpoints and mindsets for people to associate themselves with. 

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In my opinion, religion should have a place in society, without it being omnipresent. If a religion takes too much space in society, conflicts arise because of many differences of opinion. I believe that when religion starts separating people like what is currently happening in Quebec with the Charter of Values, it is not bringing what it should to society. The goal of religion is to have something to believe in and to unite people. It is a personal choice. For example, I think it would be wrong to obligate somebody to practice or to not practice a religion.

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According to Joshua Stewart more religious issues in the workplace have been coming up over the past couple months. Which leads people to ask, to what degree can faith be practiced while in the workplace? For example, a judge sided with a Sikh man rather than the car dealership that chose not to hire him because of the beard on his face. Another judge stated that any business owner has no right to lecture an employee, especially on the owner’s own religious customs and beliefs. Over the past 15 years religious issues in the workplace have doubled.

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Henri Brun, a former Supreme Court judge chose to speak out on the Charter of Values proposed by the provincial government. He stated that while he believes that this Charter will bring years of conflict and trouble he still thinks that it shouldn’t be dropped. Brun, along with a group of pro-charter lawyers who go by the name of “Juristes pour la laïcité et la neutralité religieuse de l’État” believe that the charter is constitutional and valid. According to the beliefs of this group faith is a personal matter that should not be forced upon anyone nor displayed in public.

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Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, the man accused for the bombing at the Boston Marathon last year, might get charged with the death penalty. However, in almost half federal death penalty cases, the defended managed to get away with it before the trial because of plea deals.

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In an article entitled titled “A Racist Turn in India” by Nilanjana S. Roy we get an inside look of the problems of India and where the blame is being put. At one time many Africans lived happily in New Delhi, making the community more diverse and rich in culture. They lived in harmony with the natives of the capital, until a man who was rumored to be a Nigerian national involved in the drug trade was found dead in Goa.

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Melissa Dahl, author of the article “Texters can’t walk in a straight line, study shows” published January 22, 2014 informs us of a new problem, texting and walking. A new study has shown that texting on your phone while walking actually changes someone demeanor, it causes people to walk slower and also making it harder to walk in a straight line. Some Australian researchers filmed 26 men walk while texting and once walking normally.

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CBC News Article Link:

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