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Last Thursday, Robin Camp, a Canadian judge who gained popularity last year when he asked a sexual assault victim why she could not just keep her “knees together”, resigned from Federal Court. It was a rare event in the Canadian justice system and was followed by the release of a report from the Judicial Council which demanded him to be fired.

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The article, “Body talks: Manitobans share how they feel about their bodies” written by Shannon Cuciz and published in Global News on March 15th, 2017 addresses citizens from Manitoba discussing their feelings about their bodies. For example, a young woman named, Lara Rae, transgender women and her transition at the age of 51. She states the many pressures that came along with her transition.

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In the year 2007, the company jbs release series of four commercial pictures to promote their men’s underwear products. One of these pictures demonstrates a maid is holding a men's underwear and smelling it (jbs). She has a very exposed dress; the public could barely see the private areas. Furthermore, the room is very messy, and the female underwear falls on a lamp, which is reminiscent of sexual intercourse that might happen. This advertisement attracts men’s attention.

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