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New Delhi’s ministry of urban development are presently developing a new project based on the principle of the “Smart City”1.  This project, which will touch 25 cities in India, has for objective to enhance the energy supply and its infrastructure. Plus, “at the Smart City Proposal Enhancement Workshop, the ministries of petroleum and natural gas, power, new and renewable energy and department of electronics and information technology made detailed presentations on various schemes that could be converged under smart city development for better results” (Sharma, 2015, para. 3).

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The purpose of the article Urbanization, Biodiversity and Conservation was to report how urban development is one of the human activities that has the biggest impact on biodiversity. Mckinney explained in his article that the cause of urban development is the increase of population in urban centers. Since more people want to live in cities, the urban area has to increase.

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             In the article “As seas rise, saltwater plants offer hope farms will survive”, the author Katy Daigle describes how the flooding of the coastlines in India has affected the agriculture. With climate change happening, more glaciers are melting and the sea levels are rising. This results in the flooding of many coastal farms in the south of Asia. For the 1.26 billion people living in India, relocation is not always an option, especially when food productivity needs to increase by 45% before 2050 if the population wants to be fed.

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The Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, is well known to work against poverty and hunger across the world as well as promoting a sustainable development. This organization wrote an article dedicated to fishery and aquaculture in oceans and seas. Its purpose was to report how ecosystems were negatively affected by human activities such as fichery. Oceans and seas are very important for several reasons, they provide food to a lot of people which helps to reduce hunger in the world.

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The article Greenhouse Gases Hit Record High Amid Fears of CO2 Saturation Point, published by Brian Clark Howard, has as a goal to inform people about the issues brought up by greenhouse gases, which cause global warming. Howard emphasizes on the fact that, even there is no actual scentific concensus on the matter, a saturation point of CO2 gases which can be absorbed in oceans, plants, etc. may soon be reached. Moreover, the emissions of carbon dioxide have increased considerably since the 1980's.

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Because of pollution, air quality is degrading almost everywhere, but, at several place, the air is so contaminated it makes breathing laborious. According to the journal Deutsche Welle, from Shanghai to Beijing, the smog periods kill people by the thousands every day. This serves only to make my point that by polluting the atmosphere, humans kill themselves faster than ever before. But what happens underwater? Acidification (addition of nutrients in a body of water) creates what scientists call dead zones which are areas devoid of oxygen where most organisms cannot survive.

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Anup Shah wrote an article on climate change and its different impacts on the environment in order to show that these changes can affect the biodiversity of our planet. The main cause of decrease in biodiversity is the quick changes of climate which don't give enough time to a lot of species to adapt. These rapid changes of temperature results in big modification of the environment such as an increase of rainfall. The species that are unable to adapt will come to extinct and this situation is happening right now. But, the real question is why do these climate changes happen?

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The purpose of the author while writing his article was to state and explain how the growth of population across the world cannot continue indefinitely within a finite system. The main causes of this issue according to Cobb is that since the human populations continue to grow, our uses of energy and natural resources will also increase. One of the main point used by Cobb to explain his idea is the doubling time. This principle is a formula that permits to calculate the time it takes to double the number at a constant rate.

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