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The article Race to College: The “Reverse Gap” written by William Mangino argues that a reverse gap exists in the college educational system. Mangino does an experiment using a group of 12,576 people of five different races but only focusing of whites and blacks. The author wants to break the stereotype that black people are drop outs and white people are high graduates.

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In the article "Interracial Roommate Relationships: An Experimental Field Test of the Contact Hypothesis”, Russell H. Fazio and Natalie J. Shook (2008) study investigated the affect of long-term interracial relationships of dormitory roommates on naturally triggered racial attitudes. The researchers’ hypothesis on the subject is that intolerance, prejudice as well as a lack of exposure to other minorities or groups are the roots of ignorance.

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      Beagan and Etowa’s (2009) study explored the relationship between African origins and occupational activities. To do so, the authors interviewed 50 African Nova Scotian women between the age of 40 and 65 years old. While other research focused on one particular place or event, Beagan and Etowa decided to study the more general damages of everyday racism. Everyday racism can be defined as routine. Indeed, they are simple, small comment that can be made as a joke.

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Today many issues are not reported properly by the media- one of them is immigration. Most news outlets present only one side of the issue, and fail to accurately represent the human toll of our "illegal immigration" policies.

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The notion of “human races” is a well-known subject that can be discussed and argued a lot. In general, humans tend to subjectively separate themselves in groups, based on variable human traits.  

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  Growing up, race was never a concept that I fully understood because it simply confused me and so I never really bothered to touch on the subject due to its sensitivity. Belonging to the Caucasian ethnicity, I never really experienced such issues that come with racism, so touching on the concept of “race” and how it impacts our society was never really a concern. However, through; personal experiences that my friend has been through, Jared Diamond’s article called “Race Without Color” and class lectures, I will be discussing why race is so arbitrary.

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The concept of “race” has always been an enraging subject of discussion. People all have opinions on what is race and on what can be considered racist. However, Jared Diamond’s view on the subject, explained in his article “Race Without Color”, draws attention and sparks discussions.  

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For the past weeks, my classmates and I have had the opportunity to learn about many things regarding “race”. From what I have learned, there is only one race and that is the human race. Humans are classified in different categories of “race” based on traits that are given to them at birth. Such as, skin color, hair texture and sometimes the opposite sex they are attracted to. Race can be defined in many different ways, but sometimes race can be looked as a prejudice for many colored people in today’s society. Race can be hard to explain most of the time because of skin color.

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Today, I will talk about the very sad truth of black individuals and their success; more specifically the case of Gabby Douglas and her harsh adventure to Rio’s 2016 Olympic Games. Jared Diamond mentions in his article that it is impossible to identify an individual through any human races, due to such problems with racial classification (Diamond, Winter, 5).

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  “Race: A sense of Identity”

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