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  Renee Casey   Challenging Many Social Norms  

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Are your parents to blame for your drug addiction? The way parents choose to raise their children could have negative effects down the road of adolescence. Researchers Zeinalo et al. (2011) look into the likelihood of a teenager developing an addiction problem regarding their upbringing and conclude their research with an interesting “solution” to the relatively current issue.

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  Renee Casey                                                                                                                Teen pregnancy has been associated with many other issues. Research has shown that teen mothers are delinquents and have a drug problem. Also, they are more likely going to become pregnant depending on how they grew up. An experiment was performed and supported that girls who grew up in foster care were more likely going to become pregnant as a teenager compared to girls who grew up in group homes. 

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Ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, controversy currently emerges in Brazil. Somewhat in the same vein as the first one I summarized, the CBC article Brazil protests show cost of hosting major sports events, posted on June 29th, 2013, explores and presents the downside of hosting such worldwide, mega-happenings.

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Actually in Greece, it is said that seven young people entering on the job market out of ten will be unemployed. At the moment, it represents the highest unemployment level in Europe with a percentage of 62.4% of young adults between the age of 16 and 25. This period of unemployment is caused by the financial crisis that, as we know, affected Greece gravely since around 2010. As the author said, it is now doubly stressful to finish school by seeing what awaits them on the job market when they need to work and study hard for their final exams.

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Technically, everyone has the right to die. But the question is do people have the right to assist you without anything being panelized against them. Should we respect others wishes and desire to die?

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Abortion is an expensive procedure that is not everyone can afford. Some women take matters into their own hands and perform self induced abortions. Methods of abortion include the use of clothes hangers, kitting needles, and laundry detergent products.

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The article “Facing Fury Over Antigay Law, Stoli Says ‘Russian? Not Really’” By Andrew Higgins of the New York times posted on September 7th, 2013 discusses the social issue that is discrimination (Homophobia in particular) in Russia today. This summer, a large number of Americans were outraged with the way Russia was supporting homophobia and the way which they were treating their citizens that are of a minority. Americans therefore decided they would boycott Stolichnaya vodka which they believe to be a Russian brand of Vodka.

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