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On the 18th of April 2015 at 2PM, Justice Femme, a non-lucrative organization, put together a meeting that included four panellists and 80 women to talk about how one should defend herself after being threatened on the street for wearing a hijab.

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Education is arguably the most valuable commodity in one’s life and, thus, should be considered an essential service. Sadly, however, its accessibility is questionable when special needs students are involved. Their integration into the classroom and society is difficult at the best of times. In fact living with a handicap makes getting an education even harder for special needs students as they feel left out of social circles and are deprived of basic educational services due to insufficient funding.

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On Saturday, February 28th, Rania El-Alloul expressed her affection to people who helped her fundraise money against judge Eliana Marengo after she went on court to claim her case on the province’s auto insurance board. However, the judge refused to take her case unless she took her hijab off. El-Alloul sent her gratitude: “I am receiving support from everywhere, because I know I said the truth,”(Lowrie, p 1) she says. When two residents from Toronto and Vancouver heard the news, they decided to unite and try to fundraise money to this woman in order to buy her a new car.

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After the Commission on Reasonable Accomodation (Bill 94) was announced in 2007 and the charter of Values of Quebec (Bill 61) was broadcasted all around radios and televisions by the Parti Quebecois in 2013, Muslim citizens have been going through a lot of obstacles. They have been misunderstood, and still are, because of their names, their looks, but mostly because of their religious faith. Hijabi women feel menaced by vicious looks in public places or simply when walking on the streets. Many Muslims are suspected to be “terrorists” only by the spooky feeling Arabic names give to them.

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Justice Femme is an organization related to protect women's rights in the society and to actively take action against all kind of segregations in all spheres of the society. 

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Are the representations of marketing advertisements in the media ethical?

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Malcolm X, originally Malcolm Little, was born in Nebraska, Omaha in May 19th 1925. He was an activist that praised race pride and Black Nationalism in America in the 1960s, back in the days where racism towards black was still prominent. At the age of four, Malcom Little had to move out twice because his family was chased out by the Black Legion, the white supremacist organization. In 1929, Earl Little, Malcolm’s father, died after being possibly killed by the Black Legion while his mother Louise had an emotional breakdown for several years and gave her children to the orphanage.

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Saguenay’s mayor Jean Tremblay posted a video of himself on YouTube explaining his outbreak against Greenpeace and “the intellectuals of the world”. He debates that many workers in industries are losing their jobs due to projects that are stopped by Greenpeace, because they affect the environment in Saguenay. "Leave us in peace, says Ms. Tremblay. ‘We know very well what the environment is and we have great respect for nature, but we also want to develop and we want our workers to have jobs."

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Very recently, MTL blog snapped a picture of a homeless woman and man doing sexual favours in public in place des arts metro. Synden Hope-Johnsten, the editor of this ‘article’ post a picture of the incident and poking fun at this woman and man. The metro is not the place to do such things, but I personally pass these people every day, for I work in Place des Arts metro. Finding this obscure article and picture, I hardly find this ‘article’ to be news at all, if anything these people need help.

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Hema Quebec organizes blood drives all around the province of Quebec with their main goal to supply blood to hospitals in order to save lives. Healthy donors can give blood regularly to help patients that are in need of it and that could not recover from their medical illness without the generosity of the donors. 

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A major motivating factor for many who are involved in the wildlife trade are economic gains. But not all of those who partake in wildlife trading are doing so on the basis of an economic incentive; many are also driven by cultural factors. These could be in the forms of: food, healthcare, religion, clothing, and sport (Behrens et al. 2009). The international wildlife trade is estimated to trade billions of live animals and plants globally.

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Last year, the news about the conflict between Palestine and in Israel has been spread out more than ever and became a trending topic on social media, especially Twitter. Israeli militaries killed and bombarded “around 2000 – the majority of them non-combatant according to the United Nations” in summer 2014, according to the Telegraph. Benyamin Netanyahu claims that these bombings were legal because they “were homes to Hamas and Islamic Jihad members”.   

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    Women’s opportunities in the workplace (i.e. access to fair pay, to pay supplements, and to advancement) are limited in comparison to those of men.  This is a gender discrimination issue, as a result of the beliefs, values, and attitudes that are being promoted by workplace culture. Certainly, workplace culture promotes the status of women as subordinate to men, as evidenced by the gender pay gap between men and women.  The gender pay gap refers to the difference in pay earned by men and women.

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You are most probably one of the millions of people in the world who illegally downloads music for free on the Internet. For over a decade, there have been debates regarding the ethical dilemma of downloading music without paying for it. On one hand, the impact is felt on the artists and on the record labels that produce the works because of a considerable decline in CD sales. On the other hand, the ease of instantly downloading music and the variety of songs offered on the file-sharing sites are the main reasons why music fans do not want to pay for CDs.

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Twenty-two years ago, my parents immigrated to Montreal, Canada in 1991 due to the consecutive wars happening in Lebanon. They escaped pain and misery and ran away of the consequences of the wars that affects an important human need: the electricity in households.

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On October 15th, 2011, the article ʺThe Cancer Risk Factor You’ve Probably Never Heard ofʺ written by Stephanie Sy and Cara Lemieux was published by abc News. The article relates the story of JoAnn Pushkin and Nancy Cappello who are two women of 40 years old. The two of them were doing annual mammograms and self-exams every month on their breasts as it is recommended by the doctors. The two of them, one day, while they were doing their self-exam found a lump on their breasts. They immediately went to pass a mammogram.

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A fur farm in Monteregie holds unhealthy animals in their barn that are malnourished and badly taken care of. The government barely pays attention to this problem, caused by the lack of laws towards this matter. However, the government specifies that the case discussed is rare and that usually everything is under good circumstances. “Really, if you can imagine what hell is like, that is what these animals are living in. It’s hell.” says SPCA’s director of animal advocacy Alanna Devine, “We’re talking about horrific, horrific conditions. It’s absolutely unacceptable.”

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Original title: The growth of Wal-Mart may have made America’s obesity epidemic worse Written by: Danielle Paquette Appeared in the Washington Post Published on Monday January 26th.  

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Last semester, Champlain College students did a vote to determine if Cegep students were to go on strike to protest on the streets of Montreal against austerity.

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“The pressure today is much less than it was, say, 15 years ago,” said Gaétan Barrette about medicals in training. “It’s much, much, much more accommodating than it was in my time.” After the suicide of a doctor in training less than 2 months ago, Quebec health minister denies the huge amount of pressure placed on med students. Geoffrey Vendeville questions his says in the article, “Med students aren't under too much stress, Quebec health minister says,” MontrealGazette, published on November 27, 2014.

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