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In this assignment I will be talking about white privileges and its power because it is a subject that really concerns me so I found an article that explains the concept and its advantage/consequences. To begin with, I am a woman who is always bothered by inequality and I am frustrated to know that because of my gender, I have less chances to get a prestigious job or to get a promotion. That being said, seeing other minorities get discriminated because of white privileges really affects me.

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       American Apparel did it again. Being famous for their sexist ads, their marketing department apparently does not know how to sell clothes without selling the models. The special of the house is women objectification and very high beauty standards that a common woman will never reach.  In the attempt to sell more clothes they use the women body to promote the brand. While men are fully clothes the women are almost naked with their intimate parts exposed. Ads “inculcate

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For the past weeks, my classmates and I have had the opportunity to learn about many things regarding “race”. From what I have learned, there is only one race and that is the human race. Humans are classified in different categories of “race” based on traits that are given to them at birth. Such as, skin color, hair texture and sometimes the opposite sex they are attracted to. Race can be defined in many different ways, but sometimes race can be looked as a prejudice for many colored people in today’s society. Race can be hard to explain most of the time because of skin color.

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