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In the article ‘’Talking About Racism With White Kids’’ written by KJ Dell’antonia in the New York Times in 2014, the author discusses the fact that white parents have to talk about races with their white children. She argues how difficult talking about race with kids is: there are so many things to tell, and after the parent have many questions. Did they explain it well enough? Was it clear? Dell’antonia, after talking about race with her son, was full of worries-had she done it clear enough and good enough?

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In Nancy Hixt article "RCMP reopen investigation into racist abuse of Calgary cabbie" published on July 21st, 2015, addresses the story of Sardar Qayyum a 35 year-old cab driver who was verbally attacked by one of his passengers. On the early morning of November 17th, 2013, the passenger riding in Qayyum's cab asked to pass by a McDonald's. The author explains that the passenger rudely insulted the cab driver and also his family and culture. Despite being verbally abused by his passenger, Quayyum still agreed to his request. Hopeless, he endured the discriminating threats quietly. The traveler, who was already angry took it a step further by punching the camera to Qayyum chest and got off the car. Hixt adds on that the passenger had to compensate for the physical damages he caused but was not charged for the verbal abuse. The author states that it is only two years after this event occurred that the RCMP decided to reopen the case. Ever since that incident, Quayyum, father of four have had a hard time coping with his daily routine.

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