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I care about the topic of drug-free treatment for mental illness because I strongly believe that it should be encouraged around the world. I’ve seen people in my life that are close to me suffer from mental disorders and the horrible side effects they had to go through while taking pharmaceuticals and visiting doctors every week. I care about it even more than I did before because I know a lot more about it now. In order to get my results, I read and analyzed specific chapters from 3 different novels that I found the most relevant to my topic.

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LGBT individuals, such as transgender people, face discrimination every day because of the societal belief of heteronormativity and cysnormativity. Transgender individuals have mental and physical health needs that make them dependent on the medical system in order to be at ease with their identity. However, they can also face discrimination and improper care when seeking help from health professionals.

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  For about two months now, I have been writing a lot about homelessness in Canada. In fact, this particular social issue caught my attention at first as it affects hundred of thousands of Canadians every year, and a lot more around the world. Moreover, I felt homelessness was an important issue as it can affect anybody. In fact, anybody can become homeless at one point in his or her life, which I believe makes it a social issue that needs addressing.  

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Among the modern issues that we are now facing, one that is less talked about is the addiction of prescribed drug. The importance of this issue is underestimated because it is less discussed and mediated than non prescribed drug abuse. However, this is a huge mistake because it is a very common type of addiction knowing that more and more people are under medication. This essay discusses about this problem and raises the awareness of it. In order to get information about it, I consulted three different academic journals from three different disciplines.

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Poverty is an epidemic that is continually perpeturated. Everyone in society is negatively affected by poverty, however it is not impossible to end its cyclical pattern; focusing social service programs on education attainment is the first step.

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Obesity has been a growing concern in the United States for several years now. And in today’s society, virtually every aspect of this condition is brought under the microscope by social media and the media in general. In the article Obesity In The Media: Social Science Weighs In by Natalie Boero , Boero weighs in on the media’s influence in the sensationalism of the condition.

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More and more in society, we are seeing young people suffering from extreme anxiety, being diagnosed with forms of clinical depression, and, in some cases, even committing suicide. In many of these instances, past sexual relationships are what are at the root of these unfortunate down-ward spirals in young adults. Where is this system going wrong?

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A mentally ill man from St John’s who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder was just released from jail after being charged with assault and threatening his father and step-mother. The man, Taylor Mitchell, 21, ran after them with a chainsaw and hit his father. The police were called and Mitchell was arrested and spent the night in jail and was denied bail. His lawyer, Joan Dawson, says that jail was the very last place he should’ve been because of his mental disorders.

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In "Botox may beat back depression by paralyzing ‘frown muscles’ between the brows, study finds" by Sharon Kirkey published on March 25th, 2014 the benefaction of Botox as an antidepressant is rise. Some researchers injected the substance between their patient’s eyebrows muscle and 6 weeks later after one treatment, more than half of them felt a difference in their mood. This research is based on the theory of emotion of Charles Darwin and William James which is that the facial expressions you make are send to your brain and affect you feel emotionally.

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In "New York council sees flawed mental health system" by Michael Schwirtz published on March 27th, 2014 he explains that the death of the mentally ill veteran Jerome Murdough on February 15th at Rickers Island shook the whole New York mental health system. At 56 years old, the homeless men got arrested for taking refuge on a housing project in East Harlem. The condition in his cell where more than questionable that is why concerns were brought up concerning the ability of the jail system to take care of mentally ill people.

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16 percent of our nation's homelessness population possesses a mental illness as well. Is right to give them permanent housing and keep them off the streets?

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This article explores the exciting possibility of using exercise to assist in the treatment of patients with Major Depression Disorder (MDD) as well as other depression disorders. By performing this study treatment for people diagnosed with MDD whom are resistant to pharmacology treatments could finally receive benefits and advancements in their progress through the complex condition of MDD.

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1. What is the speaker's purpose? Iyanla Vanzant and Oprah Winfrey discuss why women today mistreat each other. They both address the 4 weapons women use to hurt each other. 1st weapon: Betrayal, (our confidance in each other, whatever secrets we have told to each other, we tell other people. Especially when it is not our place to.) 2nd weapon: Gossip, (having third party conversations, talking behind your back about what's wrong with you, instead of just addressing it directly to you.) 3rd weapon: Lie, (we lie on each other and to each other)

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I discuss the effects of childhood abuse when a person grows up. Early abuse may lead to depression and high levels of stress compared to someone who did not experience adversities as a child.

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February 17th 2014 Ending the Death Penalty by Dale. S  Recinella Is the death penalty necessary? After 1976, when the death penalty was reinstated, innocent people were wrongly convicted (Recinella, 2008, p.12). According to many churches, if there is no other way to protect innocent law-abiding citizens the death penalty shall be used (Recinella, 2008, p. 13). I believe that the death penalty is ineffective.  

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Suicides among military service members, current and prior, constitute about one-fifth of all suicides in the US. This article discusses how the military handles this and why it is such a big issue due to the emotional havoc it wreaks, as well as financial cost as a consequence, leaving the reader with the question of how to solve it for good.

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For the past two years, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has experienced a civil war that has destroyed multiple villages and leaving the people taking refuge in humanitarian camps including the Mugunga camp. But now a major shortage of food assistance will leave the people in camps hungry and desperate.

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