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Stop and Frisk has become a major problem for minorities in New York City. Though enacted for all people , Minorities both black and Hispanic have become the main prey for police officers and the article “Stop and Frisk City” by Kaitlyn Fallon seeks to elaborate on the racial profiling and violations that are encountered by black and Hispanic youths in the city along with the changes in the stop and frisk method carried out by the police

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Raisa Kennedy Professor Kaldor Sociology 100 April 14, 2014                         Consequences of risky behavior among college students

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A talk that will save lives!!!!!

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On, I read an article by Ivan Watson and Gul Tuysuz titled “Turkish PM vows to 'eradicate' Twitter, users see service disruptions”.  The article stated that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a speech at a campaign rally about wiping out Twitter which is 10 days before election.  He stated at this speech that eradicating Twitter has nothing to do with freedom but the world will know their power once they get rid of twitter.

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A child's thoughts are usually about ice cream, their favorite tv show, or the newest toy to hit shelves, but now some are having to think of the possibility that they might not be able to give birth when they are older. This is a scary thought, especially if this was planned to happen someday in their future. Doctors are now doing the research and having the responsibility to let patients know the risks they may encounter before treatment is given.

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 In today’s society, homelessness is a growing issue everywhere and especially in America and Canada. The number of individuals found on the streets, boulevards, metro stations and downtown Montreal is countless, and it includes people from all ages. This essay summarizes two news articles “Bystanders Films as Homeless Man Beaten in Montreal Metro” published on Monday, January 27, 2014 on CTV news and “Homeless Woman Monika Chetty Dies from Severe Burns “by Eamon Duff published on February 1st, 2014 on New South Wales.

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Have you’ve ever bought a product and had many problems with it? A problem with your cellphone, baby seat or even a car? Then you probably bought a product that got what you call a recall. A recall is when you purchase a product and it’s not well built and if the problem isn’t fixed, then it can lead to serious problems. Some of these recalls were done once people had to suffer the consequence of the bad product which is injury and even death. The recalls that I will be talking about are car recalls.

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Summary: Is the media taking anorexia and other health related problems too far? Are they actually concerned about the celebrities and their well-being or are they more concerned about their ratings?

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Pediatrician Elise Taveras tries to beat childhood obesity by developing a computerized electronic machine that helps doctors better diagnose patients with unhealthy body mass indexes then giving them the proper care needed.

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