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Hye!! I am KUIS 1st year student. Nice to meet you .
I love basketball ♬ and listening music, drawing picture, people watching and so on.
My favorite musician is GReeeen and SKYS THE LIMIT. Pleasee listning they's song.

Have a good day :^)


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Today I am going to talk about my home town in Okinawa. Have you ever been to Okinawa? Do you know about Okinawa history? If you don’t know about it, I want to tell you about Okinawa. At first I introduce about Okinawa’s sightseeing point that aquarium surrounded by beautiful coral reef. Second, I introduce about Okinawa history at 2nd World War and base. Third, I introduce about Okinawa culture. For example delicious food and important custom. I want to tell you Okinawa’s good point, and I hope you want to come in Okinawa and love to Okinawa.

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Interesting attraction in Japan I am going to talk about interesting Theme park in japan. Have you ever gone theme park in Japan?? Do you know some theme park in Japan?? Today I introduce about interesting Theme park in japan. At first I w ill introduce about Anpanman museum in KOBE, second, I will introduce about Okin awan theme park. I have reason why I would like to introduce about ANPANMAN museum , because it is the place that I went with my local friend at first time in Hyogo. T

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Museums and Theme parks 5142035 Megumi Deguchi

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This article was written about Blue LED. This was invented by some Japanese people. This invention won a Nobel Prize. Many people were surprised at this invention. I thought this is a very wonderful invention. I want to know more about this LED light. Reference Ziv,S.(2014).How the Blue LED Changed the Worlds, and Won a Nobel Prize from

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This article about Kobe Bryant and his team things. His team is Los Angels Lakers. Kobe Bryant is one of popular basketball player. He said first advice about just timing shot. In 2014 Lakers are awful in not about to get better. This is franchises for most of the millennium. He is 36 years old, he spent half his life as a Los Angels Lakers. He respect to Michel Jordan.

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Olympic and Paralympic in japan

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Nowadays many people listen to music all over the world. That’s because people enjoy to listen to music in several ways. There are many genres, singers and types. In this article I want to explain what music is and why people like music.

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Spotlight of 2020 Olympic 5142052 Meika Wada   Last year, selected the 2020 Olympic host city and decided to Tokyo. Back then I watched on TV this news. It was very surprised and happy. What did you feel when you heard this news? So today, I will introduce about my favorite sports and athletes.

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Japanese fashion I am going talk about Japanese Fashion. Have you ever came in Japan?? I think that japan have a lot of various fashion. I like clothes so much. I enjoying that choice clothes on tomorrow. Today, I introduce about Japanese trend fashion and Japanese Cosupure (costume play), and Harajyuku fashion. Recently in japan, all most ladies who wear looks like same clothes, because ladies who wear shirt in pants or skirt. Me too. It is one of the Japanese trend fashion.

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I will talk about Japanese fashion. Do you like cosplay? Do you want to cosplay? I will introduce my favorite fashion. My favorite fashion is cosplay. I will introduce about history, kind, and interested in cosplay. I don’t often do cosplay, but currently, many people doing cosplay. I am very interested in cosplay.

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This article tell me about Leonid meteor. Leonid meteor one of the 12 meteor showers. The Leonids are one of about 12 major meteor showers that happen every year You can watch meteor shower it is 100 an hour. There was the last big Leonid meteor in 200. Leonid meteor is one of the very big meteor. I think that I want to watch Leonid meteor. I am going to watch star in tonight. I can’t watch Orion meteor shower last month. I want to watch next month meteor showers.

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This article mention about what do people do on New Year’s Day. This article mention about New Year’s Day’s public life, background, and symbols too. In this day, people celebrations different cultures. Some children receive gifts on New Year’s Day in some countries. New Year’s Day parades are held in some places too. I like New Year’s Day because I can get money by my grandmother and can eat “osechi” in this day. I want to come New Year’s Day soon!

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I liked Doraemon, because it is very convenient for people.I didn’t like Suneo, because he is meanness. Japanese famous animation Doraemon will be aired in USA.Doraemon’s name will remain intact in the English version.But another character’s name will change.For example Nobita will be renamed Noby, Shizuka will be renamed Sue.The futuristic gadgets name also change. For example, Hopter for Takekopter.Doraemon has been aired 35 countries.

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This article tell me about in Hong Kong protest. They were put up an umbrella to symbolize solidarity, because October28th is celebrated one month from a beginning of protest that required bigger democracy. However, the movement appears to have reached a turning point This article difficult for me, because it use difficult word. However I can learn about mean why they put up the umbrella. I think that other country have protest. Japan have not

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Difference from Halloween and Obon. 5142033 Ryosuke Chinen                             Japan has two events. One of them is Halloween, the other is Obon. Almost all Japanese think Halloween and Obon are different, but actually Halloween is similar to Obon. In the following, I will explain about these two events, first about their similarities, then about their differences and finally which of them is better.               First, I explain about the two events’ similarities. The ancestors are received by their family.

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Japanese shop I am going talk about Japanese belt-conveyor shop. Belt-conveyor sushi that turn sushi on the belt-conveyor. It began to 1958 in Osa ka at first. All most belt-conveyor made by Ishikawa. Especially I introduce about popu lar belt-conveyor Sushi shop in japan. All most it shop so cheap. I like sushi so m uch, but I don’t like low fish. Have you ever eaten Sushi?? Sushi is low fish or low shrimp on the vinegar rice. Recently, Sushi have a lot of interesting various. For example, ham

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. This article about a man who rescue party with disaster. Rescue party are carried to the area to each. Then, there is an old adage that says “you don’t know what you have until it is gone. He has a three children in japan, he have spent 1/3 of him life. One day, they work that use nuclear reactors. That is can meltdown to nuclear. One day, they was a miracle rescue about when tsunami, they rescue two children and able to meet with them family. They alway fighting with disaster.

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5. Opinions about the story: I like this article, because I have never been Ogasawara Island. So I want to go there and I want to dive in beautiful sea. 6. Summary or Plot (no more than 5 sentences)

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I think that they are so stupid, but very interesting. I want to go to journey in Australia that using the plane. I thought that I don’t want to get old. However I want to have any experience.

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Japanese people say “Itadakimasu” and “Gochisousama” after dinner or before dinner. Chinese people provide plastic chopsticks. How to use chopsticks that according to turn. Chopstick have right how to use. Introduce about how to eat Noodle. I think that japan and foreign country are different manner. I think how to use chopstick when people who first time so difficult. When I read this article, I want to eat noodle. I love food so much, because food make me happy. And I think I want to say all time “itadakimasu”, and “ Gochisousama”

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Vending machine used to a place you can get drinks from a machine without talking to anyone. It has pros and cons. You can get hot and cold drinks without getting into store, but sometime you will feel like something is missing. Machine doesn’t talk and even say “Hi” or “Thank you very much” to you. Actually some of it has function to speak “Thank you”, but you feel weird when the “machine” talks to you. “There is no warmth to them like there is when you buy from a store”. Then what Japanese beverage manufactures have come up is “virtual store manager”.

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I think that Sapporo can feel fore season, spring summer autumn and winter. I like winter but I think I can’t get over too cold in Sapporo. However I want to play snow magic. Then, I want to go to Osaka capital and go to shopping in Nanba. I don’t go anyplace in Osaka, but Osaka is very near. Because I can go there. Last, I think japan have a lot of good point.

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5142010 Marina Ido New Tourism in Japan

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My introduse Turezum ✌ I am going talk about turezum that food design and, design original experience. Do you know the design experience?? For example bait spear experience, daibing, make a T-shirt and so on. At first, I introduse about make foof sample. Second is introduse about Kitakoubou in Kobe. Please reading.

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Shiretoko a natural heritage site registered only in July 2005. It is a long narrow peninsula. There are many rare animals in Shiretoko. In winter, there is also beautiful scenery. I can feel nature in Shiretoko.

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vv New tourism in Japan 5142052 Meika Wada   I recommend that Oirantaiken in Kyoto. Oiran is Japanese clothes. It is very beautiful. The word oiran comes from the Japanese phrase oira no tokoro no nesan (おいらの所の姉さん) which translates into "my elder sister." It is little bit sexy kimono than normal kimono, because This kimono shows a little bit of woman’s shoulders. And compared with the normal kimono the obi is reverse.

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FRIEND SUMMER VACATION YUU kanemura I am going to talk about my friend summer vacation. At first I introduce friend is Marina I call her Brother. Second I introduce friend is Meguchan, I call her Meguchan, last is Maluco.

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Hye!! I am KUIS 1st year student. Nice to meet you .
I love basketball ♬ and listening music, drawing picture, people watching and so on.
My favorite musician is GReeeen and SKYS THE LIMIT. Pleasee listning they's song.

Have a good day :^)