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  Intersectional Identities   Intersectionality as a term is associated with Kimberle Crenshaw, a legal researcher through her work in the year 1989 (Baskin-Sommers, Baskin, Sommers, & Newman, 2013). The term was coined by Crenshen to reflect a specific challenge that immigrant women with color underwent, importantly, the reason as to why their issues were being neglected by the anti-racism movement as well as feminist movement during that time.

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The Gender of Lying: Jian Ghomeshi and the Historical Construction of TruthThe case involving Jian Ghomeshi indicates how the Canadian law does not protect women against sexual harassment despite laws prohibiting such misconducts. Jian Ghomeshi, a former employee for CBC Radio engaged himself in several instances of harassing fellow women employees (Blackwell, 2014). Despite, accusation to the organization’s manager, the manager did nothing towards the issue; but instead told the complaining lady to change herself in order to avoid the harassment.

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