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In a recent article, entitled "Sweden Plans to Thwart Racism by Eliminating the Mention of Race From Its Laws", In the Europe section of Vice News, Kayla Ruble, the author, discusses recent political changes within European Law regarding the concept of "race". Erik Ullenhag, Sweden's Intergration Minister, announced to the public the government's plans to abolish the word "race" from the nation's legislation, as a means of taking steps against racism in Europe.

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In 2010, there were 3,198 reports of sexual assaults processed by the Department of Defense in the American army. Out of all of those, there were only 244 convictions. By watching a documentary The Invisible War (2012) dedicated to opening our eyes towards the hidden rape culture within the U.S. military, I wondered about how many women have been raped, tried to talk about it and only ended up having even more problems.

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