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The Influence of Whiteness

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            In the article “Constructed Bodies, Deconstructing Ads: Sexism in Advertising”, Anthony J. Cortese analyses the effects of sexism within modern day advertising. More particularly, Cortese explores the considerable sexist patterns seen in today’s advertisements, most shockingly stating that: “advertising and other mass media inculcate in consumers the cultural assumption that men are dominant and women are passive and subordinate” (58).

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Society possesses a type of power that, whether we like it or not, defines certain areas of our lives. It is such a shame that the concept of race is a part of it, even if most scientists strongly believe that we should not categorized people based on their skin colour. As we saw and discussed in class, other biological traits could have been used to classify the current human specie. In his article “Race Without Color”, Jared Diamond argues that other traits, such as antimalarial genes or the lactase enzyme gene could be used to classify people (Diamond, 1994, para. 18 & 20).

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