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About me:

My name is Akinari Inui. I'm from WAKAYAMA.
Famous food of Wakayama is plum and mandarin orange.
There is a World Heritage Site called the Kumano Kodo in Wakayama.
I am college freshman. I go to school for one hour and 50 minutes by train.
I want to become the English teacher of a high school. Moreover, I want to teach at a high school soccer.


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     Do you know the Fukushima nuclear disaster? The accident have happened due to the Grate East Japan Earthquake happened on March 11th in 2011 when I was a third year student in junior high school. This time, I was shocked by this incident, and also Japanese and the whole world people was shocked it. So this problem became the serious problem, and now not only the Japan but also all over the world is influencing it, so I will explain about Fukushima nuclear disaster, and what were the effects to Japan and foreign countries.

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     Do you have a dream? I have a dream. My dream is teacher. I want to be an English teacher in high school. Also I think that I want to teach soccer, however you will not know why I want to be an English teacher in high school, so I am going to explain why I want to be an English teacher and why I want to teach soccer.

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     I will introduce about New Year’s Day. There are a variety of lucky charm, good sign and events to celebrate the New Year in Japan. I want to explain one by one from among these, while drawing on my experience.

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Seasons of Kyoto 5142052 Meika Wada   Japan has 4 seasons. Each seasons are very beautiful. Especially Kyoto has a lot of beautiful sightseeing spot. Have you ever been Kyoto? There is very popular to tourist, so today I will introduce about seasons of Kyoto.

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     Character bento is insanely popular in Asia and Japan in particular. Young mothers and some fathers have a enjoy time to craft special lunch boxes. Character bento is made to imitate the old tale’s creatures and animals.      I thought that I would like to make a character bento like this article. Also when I was a child, I wanted it make. Moreover I thought that the character bento of Kappa of photos is so cute. If I have a chance, I want to make it. Reference

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     Do you know that aquarium starts becoming popular in Japan? I recently watched a special feature article of the aquarium on TV. I thought that how beautiful. Also I want to teach you it. So I introduce about aquarium and aquarium of my recommendation.

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     Sapporo attorney Ayako Ito made a visit to Sapporo Kotoni Technical High School to assist the social studies teacher Shiego Kawahara in an important lesson regarding the right of collective self-defense. And she has described it as an example the Doraemon.      I thought that it is a very good idea to talk about the right of self-defense as an example Doraemon. Because it might easy to understand difficult things called the right of self-defense. So I hope that such example increase. Reference

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       Recently, I often see a lot of people who are listening to music. Of course, I everyday listen to my favorite music because I can be happy and calm. Also, Japanese music is very good which a reason almost of people listen to Japanese music. I asked some of students and could get interesting answer. This time, I want to introduce Japanese music.  

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     I will introduce about Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi). Spirited Away is famous an Animated film in Japan. And I watched it last Friday. This anime is interesting, I like it. So I thought that want to explain this wonderful animated film. 

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I like this article because I was very exited the game what Japan all star team against Major Leaguers. The game’s starting pitchers are Shohei Otani and Matt Shoemaker both teams. They are very young but they has big potential, I think that they will be top player of the world few years later. This article explain about the baseball game between Japan and America. Many young talent play an active part in the game. It has good effect each other.

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     Everyone knows Japanese people doesn’t speak exactly when it comes to speaking English, despite receiving six years of English education. Because there are several reasons, this article is written about the reasons.      I know the enough English words that I can talk English conversation by high school graduation. However, I still can’t conversation in English well. So, I read this article, I thought I want my helpful even a little. Reference

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     Japan soccer coach Javier Aguirre told reporters after doing an about-turn on Endo, who has made 146 appearances for Japan and was discarded following the side’s World Cup flop under Italian Alberto Zaccheroni.      I’m expecting new Japan soccer coach, Javier Aguirre. Japan soccer is not so strong. So I thought that Aguirre recalled Endo to Japan representative order to strengthen the Japan soccer. I am looking forward that Japan can win in the world.

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This article was written about Kei Nishikori. He is very famous in all over the world. But he is very tired because he tried tennis games many times. His body is hearting. Nevertheless, he was try tennis games because he want to win. I like this article. Because he was doing his best. I idolizes to him. When though he continued tennis game, he try his best because he wants to win tennis games.</p>

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     I will introduce about 100 Yen Shops. I often go to 100 Yen Shops. Because it is very cheap and convenient store. So 100 Yen Shops has gained popularity in Japan because pricing of 100 yen have the image of cheap and handy. 100 Yen Shops also has gained popularity abroad.

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I would like to tell you about Halloween and Obon. I will tell you about similar point and different points. After that, I will tell you which day I like.

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Japanese shop I am going talk about Japanese belt-conveyor shop. Belt-conveyor sushi that turn sushi on the belt-conveyor. It began to 1958 in Osa ka at first. All most belt-conveyor made by Ishikawa. Especially I introduce about popu lar belt-conveyor Sushi shop in japan. All most it shop so cheap. I like sushi so m uch, but I don’t like low fish. Have you ever eaten Sushi?? Sushi is low fish or low shrimp on the vinegar rice. Recently, Sushi have a lot of interesting various. For example, ham

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Today,I’d like to talk about the Japanese bento.Do you know Japanese bento?Bento meaning lunch box.So I talk about kind of bento,and recent bento style.Talk about the “Hinomaru Bento”, “Nori ben”,and “charaben”.It is very interesting for us.

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     I will introduce about “minpaku”. Meaning of minpak is to stay in private house. Now, this minpak is beginning to gather all over the country attention. My local, Wakayama Prefecture is also one of them. So I think that I want to explain about minpak of wakayama.

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     The Tokyo Harvest event will be held on November to express gratitude to farmers and fishermen. The city of gourmet, Tokyo is always full of tasty foods, but we don’t have a good chance to thank to producers. So, on this occasion, let’s say thank to producers and enjoy seasonal autumn tastes.

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My introduse Turezum ✌ I am going talk about turezum that food design and, design original experience. Do you know the design experience?? For example bait spear experience, daibing, make a T-shirt and so on. At first, I introduse about make foof sample. Second is introduse about Kitakoubou in Kobe. Please reading.

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The foods of Hokkaido get attention of the world for a passing food item now. In this article, there is the explanation about a farmhouse of Sapporo and the cooperative. Their efforts are for the event of farmers called "the restaurant of the farm". I like this article. When I was high school student, I had been to Hokkaido on the school trip, and I had eaten delicious food there. These understood that it was produced by the effort of local farmer and fishermen. I want to just thank them.

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I will introduce about memory of three classmates’ summer vacation. The classmates is Tomoki and Keiichi and Jin.The first is Tomoki Umeda. He went live of Golden Bomber during summer vacation. The Golden Bomber is Japanese band. They are very popular and famous for an air band. Their live is very interesting and be apt to go to extremes. I thought that I want to go to their live, too.

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The world is excited at the World Cup now. The FIFA World Cup often simply called the World Cup. It is an international association football competition contested by Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport's global governing body. The championship has been awarded every four years since the inaugural tournament in 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 when it was not held because of the Second World War. The current champions are Spain who won the 2010 tournament in South Africa. The 19 World Cup tournaments have been won by eight different national teams.

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 The "aging society" is one of a variety of problems faced by Japanese society. Japan has a serious aging problem. Because, Japan has entered in the "super-aging society" that exceed the aging society now. Elderly of Japan (more 65 years) population reached 27 million people. Japan is supporting the elderly and one in four people in Japan are elderly. 25 years later it has been predicted that about one-third of the entire nation will be elderly. Japan is the world's superpower of the elderly. So, Japan must find a solution to this problem. I think about what Japan should be. 

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I will explain about the global warming. Next I will explain causes of the global warming. At first, the global warming is primarily a problem of too much CO2 in the atmosphere which acts as a blanket, trapping heat and warming the planet. As we burn fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas for energy or cut down and burn forests to create pastures and plantations, carbon accumulates and overloads our atmosphere. Certain, waste management and agriculture practices aggravate the problem by releasing other potent global warming gases, such as methane and nitrous oxide.

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The atmosphere, such as nitrogen and oxygen surround the earth’s surface. The sun beam reach to the earth, and bound to space. A sudden change of the bounce’s temperature is relieved by the atmosphere. There is little carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it’s 0.03 percent, but it has important role. The carbon dioxide absorbs heat that was emission from the surface of the earth, and radiations to the surface of the earth again. This action keep the average of temperature stands at 14℃. It’s is called “greenhouse gas”.

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Opinions of agree or disagree about playing a Games.I disagreed about article. Because, playing the game can not be said unconditionally bad. The way of thinking that games in education were bad was all wrong to begin with in the first place.  One does not become stupid when the game is played. I think that it is the image that parents embraced against children are crazy about the game without any study. There are a lot of good parts in the game. I'll provides examples of some.

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Do you know the SAMURAI? And, do you know the three great SAMURAI of the Japan (oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hidetosi and Tokugawa Ieyasu). I will introduce about the Samurai from now on. Moreover, the period when a samurai fought most (the Sengoku period), will introduce about the three great SAMURAI of the Japan (Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hidetosi and Tokugawa Ieyasu).

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Have you ever thought about hunger.  I've never thought too deeply. So I think that I want to think about hunger now.

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I talk about APA hotel’s president. The president is a woman. Her name is Motoya Fumiko. She is very famous in Japan. She made a hotel in the whole country. I talk about she is how to success in the hotel’s industry. Firstly I talk about her profile. She was born to Fukui prefecture. After she graduated high school, she worked a bank. His husband stood up business. Then she served director. Her house was broken by earthquake in 1948. Then she saved her life She had her goal, because it is very important things. If someone had each goal, someone can find how to achievement.

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The Omi merchants   The Omi merchants give a variety of effects on the modern enterprise.The Omi merchants became famous throughout Japan, and very rich too, through their base in jute and other commercial crops. Although the centers of commercial activities were located in the towns and large cities which grew up in the Edo period, the old province of Omi, the area south and east of Lake Biwa, played a large role. Merchants from rural areas like Omi came to fill a very important place in the commercial development of Edo period Japan.

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I will write about Omi-Merchants. This company was made in the Edo period (1603~1868). The first, this company was a very small shop so this wasn’t knew by somebody. They make an effort to grow good company. For example, they cleaned around their shop and greet customer. They want to get a trust by customer. After that, order was increase by customer. The one of order is other kind. They were in doubt about what to do but they chose to carry out that. They succeed that order because they can get more order. As a result they extend one’s activities to world.

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  5142012                                                                              Akinari Inui I will continue to write about Cool Japan from now . I think that want to write about the clothes of Japan . There are even many of kind of clothes. There are various Wahuku and cosplay and Seihuku and Lolita

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  Her name is Caroline Bouvier Kennedy. Caroline Kennedy was born at Cornell Medical Center in New York City I was anxious as to whether Caroline Kennedy can do politics well. Give a reason for your concern.  Caroline Kennedy became the U.S. ambassador in Japan, because she is a competent and compassionate person.

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My name is Akinari Inui. I'm from WAKAYAMA.
Famous food of Wakayama is plum and mandarin orange.
There is a World Heritage Site called the Kumano Kodo in Wakayama.
I am college freshman. I go to school for one hour and 50 minutes by train.