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On the 18th of April 2015 at 2PM, Justice Femme, a non-lucrative organization, put together a meeting that included four panellists and 80 women to talk about how one should defend herself after being threatened on the street for wearing a hijab.

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             During the past few weeks, I have been reading and summarizing news articles about physical activity and health. In fact, it was proven that obesity was due to the lack of exercise and the lack of a healthy diet. Obesity rates have increased rapidly in a short period of time. To put you in perspective, one in four Canadians are obese (Super-Sized 2). Also, obesity rates have increased from 25 to 35 percent for women and from 20 to 35 percent for men between 1988 and 2010 (You Are What You Eat 2).

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In her article “Fat can be healthy, so don’t tell me you’re dieting for health reasons”, published in The Guardian,  Bethany Rutter (pictured below) discusses a study that has “shown” that overweight (BMI >25) and mildly obese (BMI >30) people tend to live longer than “thin” people (BMI 20-25).

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      Since their creation, fast food chains have been a source of controversy especially in the media and both sides are quick to raise pros and cons to the food and overall sanitary conditions these chains provide and contain. Nowadays, our media is riddled with ads and commercials powering possible customers to go and basically spend little for a lot, a more bang for your buck kind of deal.

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Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by advertisement. In fact, research show that the average American is exposed to about 3,000 ads every day (Media Relations, Inc. 1). Nowadays, a great amount of those ads are related to fitness and weight loss. Everyone has heard or seen an ad claiming that a certain product will make you lose 10 pounds in a week or make your muscles grow without you having to exercise.

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Julien Assange was born in Townsville, Australia on the 3rd of July, 1971. His childhood was spent travelling around the world with his mother Christine and stepfather Brett Assange due to the parent’s theatrical prospects. While growing up, Julien attended approximately 37 different schools and was also homeschooled. Assange became passionate about computer programming when he got is first computer on his 16th birthday.

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In October 2014, the Canadian Senate passed Bill C-279, which added gender identity as a basis for hate crimes under the criminal code under the Canadian Human Rights Act. This is very progressive of us, and I was proud to be a Canadian in a time where we were becoming closer to equality for everyone. Senator Donald Plett changed my mind. Plett, of the Conservative Party, proposed an amendment that would exempt Bill C-279 from applying in gendered public facilities, such as washrooms or changing rooms.

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Original Title: We don’t know for sure that pesticides are killing the bees. But we know enough to worry. Author: Puneet Kollipara News Outlet: The Washington Post Date of Publication:  March 5, 2015  

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The word « feminism » still today widely used however has been through many period and corresponds nowadays to a really different reality than the one during which it appeared. Firstly because both of the awareness among the women’s place in society and its defense increased, took other dimensions, women acquiring gradually more rights and recognitions.

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While there are many opportunities to volunteer in a variety of organisations,  one of the most hands-on is suicide counseling. This isn't a task that everyone can be up to; it can be traumatising to the point that some volunteers will express symptoms of PTSD. It is definitely the voluteer opportunity with the realest of consequences, but it remains the most impactful and rewarding experience.

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With Phillip Couillard looking to cut nearly $2.4 billion from Quebec spendings[14], solutions definitely have to be found. As of now, the liberal party of quebec is focusing on cuts to public services rather than creating additional revenue streams. With a healthy weed culture and minimal enforcement on individuals, Quebec looks to be one of the best prospects in Canada for marijuana legalization.

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Abortion is an issue that causes controversy and frustration among many people. There are many different groups of people that have their own opinions. More religious people tend to be against abortion whereas non-religious people tend to be pro-abortion. Although this topic is discussed often, the general population has a hard time agreeing its morality. As a pure and applied student, I have the chance to apply into the medical field so I think it is important to discuss the ethical implications of such a procedure.

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       Processed and genetically modified foods are being eaten by almost everyone, every day. Almost every food at your local store has been processed or is genetically modified to taste good, to look good and in fact to be sold at a cheaper price. GMOs are done by “extracting DNA from one species and injecting it into another” (Dr.OZ). While processed foods being quite similar are when you add chemicals to raw, natural foods so the process of making the product is faster and therefore able to produce great quantities of the product.

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Politicians and civil servants are often in contact with sensitive information that is, in many cases, classified. In the US alone, 4.9 million people have access to classified documents (Knefel, par. 4). If classified information does not respect someone's ethical values, should (s)he tell it to the public? Should all type of information be published in the name of public good? These are all important questions to determine if whistleblowers help society or weaken it. This article will concentrate on whistleblowers that tell government’s secrets. Whistleblowers face a difficult choice.

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On an article from CTV News named School Boards Have to Make Budget Choice, Says Yves Bolduc published on August 28, 2014, Quebec education minister Yves Bolduc made a controversy by saying, on August 26, to the French newspaper Le Devoir that there was enough books in school libraries. This source is reliable because, the day after, Bolduc himself went on national television to restate his position by asking librarians to spend as much on books as the previous years.

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Glossary of Terms 1.Transitioning: The process of socially and physically transitioning into one’s desired gender. 2.Passing: Successfully being perceived as one’s gender identity. 3.Gender Dysphoria: A condition where an individual does not identify with their sex at birth.

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A few days ago, the government introduced legislation in the House of Commons that would, among other things, give more power to CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) in its fight against global and domestic terrorism. If passed, the new law would extend the period of preventative detention for terror suspects, criminalize the promotion of terrorism, allow the agency to disrupt terrorist activities and remove content from the internet and ''tweak'' court procedures and the no-fly list.

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Richard Adams, education editor of The Guardian writes that the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) gap has widened between the rich and poor. According to recent statistics, only 1 in 3 disadvantaged student achieve the GSCE’s passing level. Data collected on last year’s exams in England indicate that 53% of pupils earned themselves a C or above, which is a 6% fall from 2013.

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With the recent “hack” at Sony, there is a growing number of concern by corporations and state official considering the security of the internet. The United States government has especially been vocal about such an issue, as it is pushing for strengthened laws against cybercrime. The White House commented on the matter, stating that the incident was considered a “national security issue”.

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In the article "McGill Researchers Recommend the 'NuVal' Food Rating System" from CTV News, it says that food labels are too complicated to understand and to evaluate for normal consumers. Therefore, people do not refer to them when they buy their food so they do not do healthy choices. The consequences are that a lot of people are diagnosed with obesity while Canada’s food labels could be change to be simple to read. The NuVal system is proposed and has been proved to work well.

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