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In 2017, fashion is considered as an art by many people. During the 20th century, the emergence of high fashion, the invention of trends and celebrities influence have helped the world of fashion to become more important during the last decades. That means fashion designers are artists because making clothes requires a lot of imagination and dexterity. The art of designing clothes is really important to become a good and revolutionary fashion designer. It is a hard process that includes various steps from sketching to sewing

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Fashion is becoming not only a job, but a passion for young people who like to dress themselves as fashion consultant. It is more than just a step in a morning routine, it is a way to express yourself and show who you really are. Fashion trends are becoming more popular these days, nut only a few people know how a trend is made. It is a nine step process that can not be easier to understand.

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            In Electrical Engineering, a lot of unexpected things can happen and in this field, if something breaks, we have to repair it as quickly as possible with the equipment that we have until we got the real and appropriate material. This kind of temporary solution is called ‘’trouble shooting’’. To appropriately ‘’trouble shoot’’, we need to follow a list of steps and to have with us some crucial equipment.

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