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When Trump tweeted that he won the popular vote because “millions voted illegally”, the news media had no trouble parroting his claim. This unfounded allegation made the rounds on media outlets of various political spectrums, but most were not quick to dispute it live (Calderone 2016). In this context, the news media has to reconsider its part in the circulation of these stories, particularly in the context of their role as both watchdogs against abuses of power and gatekeepers to the market of ideas.

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Living in big cities sometimes mean people do not always notice social issues that are happening right in front of them. Or is it that they just do not want to see them? Looking at their phone to ignore a woman with a Styrofoam cup in their hand, rolling up the window of their car when a man propose to wash the windshield for a few cents, that is how people ignore homelessness. However, looking away will not solve this issue that touches so many men and women around the world. From Quebec to Australia to England, homelessness is an important matter that should be looked through in dept.

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In 2003, economist Richard H. Thaler and lawyer Cass R. Sunstein co-wrote a seminal paper called Libertarian Paternalism Is Not an Oxymoron. It was this paper that led to the creation of the very first Behavioural Insights Team in the United Kingdom, or what they would later call the ‘nudge unit’. This team utilizes behavioural science to maximize public programs cost-efficiency and enrolment, and hope to help people make better and healthier choices. An example of this would be in taking advantage of social norms to get people to pay their taxes.

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