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     Life isn't exactly a court room. We believe that, like fiction, our life will have an encounter with law in a serious sense at regular intervals. However though the character's actions and emotions are analogous to reality, the situations they are in are quite different to the true nature of a person's relation to law in everyday life. As non-fictional [Citation needed] humans, we don't usually have regular encounters with those involved with law, save for those on probation or with a social worker. Even so our life is influenced by in a rather large sense everyday. We don't steal.

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  How can a criminal’s choice of actions be ethical if they can’t comprehend the severity of hurting another human being? Criminological psychology is a confusing field of study when considering ethics because, it is obliged to work with the laws and rules that society has given us and as a psychologist I would be obliged to work with the person at hand. We have to keep in mind that the people we are working with and analyzing are most definitely mentally unstable.

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                From young boys are taught to be a “man”. A man is a word that is not yet defined but has been given a certain social construct. At this point no one can ever define the word man because; men starting from young aren’t given the opportunity to define it. Boys are brainwashed from the moment they enter the world. Everything they observe is an influential piece of information to affect the way they behave in society.             

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