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Social media has evolved to become one of the most popular communication platforms as a result of technological breakthrough in the 21st century. The world seems to be governed by social media and according to Glen Gilmore the author of the book Social Media Law for Business, many find it difficult to endure such rapid changes (Thompson 8). Actions by society have become harder to control. Issues surrounding privacy has increased with the use of social media in the recruitment process.

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What is prison meant to do? The obvious answer is that prison is meant to punish criminals, and to act as a deterrent to potential criminals. “Do the crime, do the time” means that if someone commits a crime, they have incurred a debt to society which can only be repaid by spending time in a prison. But what is the actual point? When a criminal is released from prison, they’re barred from a huge range of careers. No one wants to hire an ex-convict.

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