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" What kind of women do I wish?, wonders a young thirty years old Chinese man. It does not matter! It is so difficult to find a woman today. I want one, that's it! " For several years already, a new phenomenon appeared in China: a women's deficit.  Indeed, there are today 34 millions more men than women in China, and only women's deficit causes in its turn a birth’s deficit. 

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For centuries in China the situation of women was just like it is now in other parts of the world: extremely unfair and unequal. However, in 1949 the change to the Popular Republic of China, this turned out for better. However, centuries of unequality for women would not change from night to day, and it did not in China either.

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In this article I will make reference to the video made by Amnesty International with a Mexican producer (Gael García Bernal) on the stories of different South American people trying to migrate to the United States. A long and terrifying way to go.

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We experience every day new cases of glass ceilings and unfair situations against women. These kinds of situations are pretty attached to every society. Even in Spain, to set an example, women are paid less in spite of having the same job of other men. They are not always well represented by their Governments or Parliaments, and, in some regions of the world, everybody knows they suffer from being denied access to basic education, or are victimized and mistreated, in the worst of senses.  

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In this case, I will refer to the role of women in peacekeeping operations as gender advisors.

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Men’s Rights activists are often either mocked or accused of minimising the inequalities women experience. But is there anything to be said for defending Men’s rights? The debate about gender inequality has change in recent times, choosing to focus less on women’s rights, as the feminist movement often has, to centre itself more on equal rights for all genders, whether trans- or cisgender, independent of their sexuality. Most well-known was Emma Watson’s speech at the UN, launching the “He for She” campaign.

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The situation I want to talk about now is that of those countries who are declared as failed or collapsed and the situation of those groups more affected by that.  

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 Because I am French, I needed to tackle this issue. Because I am an Erasmus student and that I am here to discover a new cultur, to meet new people, to be more open-minded. Open-minded. It is something that everybody has to learn as we stand so far from it… Because I am writing on this blog, on which we individuals are free to write about whatever we want to. Freedom of speech.  

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The gender pay gap refers to the difference between the amounts of money paid to women and men, often for doing the same work, based on the average difference in gross hourly earnings of full time workers. Although, using hourly pay as a basis for calculating the gender pay gap can also mask specific differences in pay that go unrecorded, for example, bonus payments, performance-related pay or seasonal payments.                                                                                                                              

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When Kader has been married, she was 12. When she was 13, she has given birth first child. When she was 14, she has been pregnant for 7 mounts and she has had premature birth. The baby has been born as a dead. After two mounts from the child death, she was found as a dead with a homicide weapon in her house and she still was 14. ( Hürriyet Newspaper, Mrs.  Koyuncu, 2014)

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The film ‘The Circle’ addresses the issue of women’s rights in the state of Iran. It poses a situation in which three Iranian women escape from jail and how life turns out for them afterwards. One is with child – without being married – and can’t have an abortion, not even when she asks her girl friend who is in fact a doctor, because she is too scared because it goes against the law and can be caught. Another of the girls found herself on the situation of trying to flee from Iran without a passport and can’t make it in the end since the police is searching for her.

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