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A big issue as been questioned in Canada. These issues are about euthanasia and assisted suicide (death assistance). In Physician-assisted death: time to move beyond Yes or No, the debates is “whether sanctity of life is more valuable than personal autonomy” (Downar, Bailey, Kagan, Librach). In this article, it mentioned that they have to put some restriction because they do not want someone to have death assistance against their will.

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The article entitled "Copping a Budget Plea" written by Jarrett Murphy, published in 2006, depicts the police misconducts, brutality, and misbehaviours in the New York City Police Department, and although it is not the only police force that has cases of bad police behaviour, it is certainly the most largest police department with the biggest reputation, so it is easier to retrieve more information out of it.

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In this article written by Radio-Canada, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) strongly advises the federal government to not legalize marijuana for citizens under 21 years old. Most consumers who purchase cannabis for recreational purposes are teenagers or young adults aged between 14 and 25 years. The association affirms it is a pretty big issue of concern, which is why it claims to control the THC level in cannabis consumed by young people. Actually, in this case, THC is a substance that in long-term can affect a developing brain.

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