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The word « feminism » still today widely used however has been through many period and corresponds nowadays to a really different reality than the one during which it appeared. Firstly because both of the awareness among the women’s place in society and its defense increased, took other dimensions, women acquiring gradually more rights and recognitions.

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If at first glance, women are very present on television, they are more often anchors, and are thus selected for their physical and their fluency.n 2014 the French Superior Audio-visual Council (CSA) which is the authority of the self-regulation of the French broadcasting, brought out studies that show inequalities existing between both sex in their representation in TV programs.

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I have the feeling to always have known the character of Wonder Woman but when I try to remember how did this happen, the read of her stories in comic’s books paradoxically does not cross my mind. I would rather say that she appears to me on the school’s bags of my classmates or on their pens, then growing up, she was some costume during carnival but also presents in some publicity. I think I’ve never saw her in cartoons.

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The last article is devoted to my home country: Italy. After having analysed and discussed the condition of women in other countries, it's interesting to discover if Italian women are less discriminated than women in other states.

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In Germany, lately, the public attention has been drawn to the topic of gender - “gendering” certain words to eradicate the dominance of male notions in the language, having more women in management positions and women's movements like FEMEN. All these topics are being discussed on a regular basis – be it with friends in a bar or in a course in university, when studying social sciences. But why does gender actually matter? Does it matter at all? Many people would say NO. They would say, that gender is not as important as many claim.

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On the occasion of Women's Day in March 2014, the market research institute Harris Interactive conducted a study on women's relationship to the environment in France. 
  The Institute surveyed a sample of 1000 individuals representing the French population in order to determine if they adopt a different attitude from men on this issue.

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This year a lot of events involving the hack of pictures raised a big controversy. Those hacks are not orchestrated for imprecise aims but to find private pictures present inside computer’s data of the victims and revealing them often undressed. This process of hacking is called “porn revenge”. This touched celebrities but also as we can less hear about, private individuals.

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Learning more about the Japanese case and looking at how men and women see their relationship in the society is jumping a gap, far from what we know and above all, from a kind of society’s romantic scope. Japan is one of the most efficient economies in the world, ranking at the fourth place in the share of world GDP (after countries such as China, USA and India, much more important considering their surface area).

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“Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.” -Kofi Annan

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Dear everybody,   because we have students from so many countries in our both classes, I would like to use the opportunity and compare them with regard to gender inequality.

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  The movie originally titled Dayereh is an awareness of women’s condition in Iran. By a western countries scope we can hear/read a lot about the relationship husband-wife in Islamic countries but in this movie, it is the daily life of ones of those wives that is displayed from little interactions in shops to inner family conflicts. It clearly appears fast that those women live in a constant haste and worry. They are not free to do what they want.  

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