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Nobody really knows how much of the food we eat cosists of GMOs(Genetically Modified Organism). In Joel Edwards article "GMOs are dangerous to our health, according to latest independent research" he discusses how even though the GM food industry studies show that these foods are safe, new studies disagree. The first study discusses was the Seralini Study. Many say that this study is irrlavent because because of the way it was cundected. Edwards says that "The Seralini study was actually a well-designed and well-conducted study.

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Aly Thomson, Canadian Press contributor, in her article "Canada Overfishing: Cod Stock, Other Species May Never Bounce Back, Study Says", summarized a study that states that the cod population, along with other Canadian fish species, haven't been able to reproduce and grow their numbers or to even keep a steady population due to overfishing. Thomson also explained that fish species usually have a normal, periodic population growth and decline cycles but the cod population hasn't reached its norm level in over twenty years which is a very scary thing to think about.

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In the article “Plastic Impacts on the Marine Environment” published on Plastic Pollution Coalition website discusses the danger of plastic in our oceans. It has been said that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a patch of garbage that is twice the size of Texas that is floating around in our oceans, however the truth is that it is much worse than that. Although not all the garbage is composed of plastics, it is estimated to be between 60 and 80 percent of the total garbage in the ocean. Not only are our oceans being polluted by plastics it is also threatening marine life.

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In the article “Signs From Earth: The Heat Is On” by Joel Achenbach and Heidi Schultz they discuss how to many peoples beliefs global warming is not important enough to worry about because the next generation will have to deal with it and that generation is our generation. Most think that warning of global warming are just a scare tactics to scare us out of our cars and on our feet. This subject is very important and not just a scare tactic.

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This article was written by Stephen Leahy on 24 October 2012. He talks about the document called “World’s worst pollution problems” published by Blacksmith Institute and Green Cross Switzerland. It is about how industrial pollutants, such as radionuclides, mercury, lead, pesticides in the air impact the public health.

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