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The purpose of this article is to reveal a discrepancy in the the estimates put forth by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) regarding global wastewater fossil carbon in their total greenhouse gas emissions. According to the IPCC their model when considering wastewater emissions relies on assuming that the carbon contained and released from wastewater is non-petroleum based – for example human waste.

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The concept of the hypercar has always focused on the track experience it can deliver. The 0-100 km/h time has to be blistering quick, top speed has to be well over 300km/h and the weight of the car has to be kept to a minimal. For the past two decades performance has been the only thing that drives the development of these cars, you wouldn’t particularly think that fuel efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions is considered during the development of these speed demons. Well, you’d be wrong! The new breed to hypercars are hybrids!

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As time goes on, there are changing trends that are affecting the legal profession. There are some trends that are exclusive to the United States and its extensive law system and there are trends that are seen around the world as well. TheBalance, a financial website, writes about the trends that are “reshaping the legal industry” domestically. Chamber Student, a law research group based in England report on the changing trends in the United Kingdom as well as the European Union.

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The term “Staples Economy” was coined to describe a country’s economy which relies heavily on its ability to exploit and commercialize its Natural Resource base, for its own economic development and benefit (Mitchell, 34). Over the years, the Canadian economy has heavily relied on the extraction and exportation of minerals as a major source of revenue and employment (Mitchell, 32).

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The Ontario Government has canceled 3.8 billion dollars in their plan to further its investments in green energy, including solar, wind, and biofuel energy. The main argument to cancel the plan has to do with the rising hydro prices in Ontario, which has been paying for green energy investments, creating a surplus of energy in Ontario.

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Is it possible that humans have created an era so harmful that its impacts could last thousands even millions of years? The article “Anthropocene: Geologists urge global recognition of new, human- influenced epoch” by Niki Wilson discusses the Anthropocene, which is a highly debated concept that argues that human impact on the environment has initiated a new epoch. The article explains that the impacts of human industrial practices such as increased carbon outputs, remnants of radioisotopes from nuclear testing, and fly ash from the burning of coal have been found in sediment layers.

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