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Abortion in Chile         While it is legal almost everywhere in the world, abortion is illegal in Chile without exception. Before 1973, abortion for medical reasons was legal in Chile. Last year, an 11 year old girl got pregnant after being raped. Doctors stated that both the fetus and the young girl were in danger. Both, according to the laws in Chile, it was illegal to end the pregnancy for the young girl.

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      Tipping is something practiced all around the world and especially in North America. However, there is also many places in the world that does not practice it. In North America, tipping is something very important.  Lisa Anne, the author of the article, believes that tipping should be abolished in North America and worldwide. There is many countries in Asia and Europe where the practice of tipping for any public services is not practised. After spending a year in South Korea, Lisa Anne learned to appreciate it.

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