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My opinion on gun control varies completley. it is very difficult for me to stay just one sided with yes we need guns, or no there should be no guns. I agree guns are used for protection and make people feel much safer even just in their own home. But guns are also used for the wrong reason and can create much problems and harm to people. There have been many problems due to guns in US history. The Columbine, Sandy hook, and Colorado movie theater, are all well known massacares where innocent people died due to putting a gun in the wrong hands.

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Abortion in Chile         While it is legal almost everywhere in the world, abortion is illegal in Chile without exception. Before 1973, abortion for medical reasons was legal in Chile. Last year, an 11 year old girl got pregnant after being raped. Doctors stated that both the fetus and the young girl were in danger. Both, according to the laws in Chile, it was illegal to end the pregnancy for the young girl.

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 The article ‘Time to pipe down’ was published the 25th of August in the journal Toronto Star. The article explains how the loud motorcycles disturb the residents of Toronto. The author claims that there is no good reason to allow motorcyclists, with a taste for loud machines, to continue to disturb a vulnerable public.

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