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Ethical business Tim Hortons Tim Hortons is a Canadian fast casual restaurant known for its good doughnuts and coffee. In Canada, they are over 3000 stores. It was founded in 1964 by a hockey player named Tim Horton, in Hamilton, Ontario. For the next 10 years, the company plans to get bigger and wants to introduce itself into the European market. I found this company because they are many stores in Longueuil and it touches almost every student. 

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Ethical business; this is what you need for succes. 

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For me, ethical business means the ethic code that a business must follow. It`s all of the non-written rules that a company need to apply if they want to get a beautiful image for the customers. It is also about honesty between the company and the customers and the distributors. It is important for a company to follow some code when they interact with people. The employee of this business must be aware of their employer's ethical code because they all represent the company and they all can get a non-wanted image.

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I think that ethical business means that the business has to be fair with employees and customers. In the business world, we face a lot of bad situations, but the business have to stay ethical.

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Simon C. CEM group 1030

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