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Just like many other common law jurisdictions, the Canadian criminal justice system relies heavily on the testimony of expert witnesses in criminal trials when determining whether the accused is guilty or not. Although the testimony from expert witnesses alone does not guarantee either conviction or acquittal, but it is generally understood that the courts put substantial weight on the testimony of expert witnesses.

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Michael Rafferty was sentenced to life in prison in 2012 for kidnapping, sexual assault causing bodily harm and first-degree murder in the death of Victoria Stafford, an eight-year-old girl from Woodstock, Ontario (Allison Jones).  His former girlfriend, Terri-Lynne McClintic, also plead guilty to first degree murder in 2010 for the death of Victoria Stafford. Although she initially told the police that Michael killed the girl, but later stated during his trial she was the one who delivered the fatal blows with a hammer (Allison Jones).

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Chances are, you have probably heard about this moral dilemma before. It involves a terminally ill patient on their deathbed staying alive by a thread. The patient would rather end their life prematurely, then let their illness consume them and so they ask you, the doctor to lethally inject them. What do you do?

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Should we have the death penalty in Canada? The article that I chose was on the topic of capital punishment (death penalty) in short what this article talks about is the removal of the death penalty in Canada.  They talk about the leaders that were in place and what they did to remove the death penalty. They also talk about how in fact we did use the death penalty and what we did to the person that was getting executed.

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 In this article, written by Denyse Coles, the idea that prostitution should be decriminalized is stressed.  The author puts emphasis on the three key factors that would be better for everyone.

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In Polyamory not like push for gay marriage, Cathy Young push a case against polyamory unions. Young start by remembering us how the mariage question is a hot subject right now, first the gay community won a big victory in 2013 and now other groups want to change again our views about marriage.  

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Social Network should be forbidden because it invades our privacy and it has bad consequences on our daily lives.  

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