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Videogames have seen a spike in popularity over the past decade, and with half of the North American population actively playing games, it has become a multi-billion-dollar industry. Although earlier games have had problems with sexualization of female characters, stereotypically muscular and stoic male characters, and little to no LGBT characters, games such as The Last of Us, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted and many more have broken down most of these barriers. However, statistically, most of the games in the past decade have contained some form of violence.

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On September 9th, 2016, the Guardian published a story on, “Kaepernick’s anthem protest is the perfect way to highlight America’s race problems” written by Les Carpenter. On August 26th, Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers quarterback denied standing for the American National Anthem. This act raised a national dispute about ‘racial discrimination, police brutality and the significance of the American flag’. Les Carpenter states, Kaepernick’s sudden concern about racial discrimination; Carpenter compares Kaepernick to Muhammed Ali based on his denial to fight in the Vietnamese War.

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The article:”50% of Americans think Syrian refugees in Canada pose security threat: Ipsos poll” written by Andrew Russell on March 10th of this year ahead, published by the Global News really demonstrates different perspectives an American can have from another one. As the title clearly says, half of the United-States is scared of the 25,000 Syrian newcomers in Canada, their neighbour. Meanwhile, they only welcomed 955 Syrians refugees, which shows how less accommodating they are.

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Tom Fordy’s article “What the Expendables tells us about the state of masculinity” argues that the “manliness” conveyed in movies like The Expendables and others of its kind, blatantly present its audience with what arguably a “real” man should be, ultimately showing all the traits that reside in the man box. Fordy uses satire in his argument that the Expendables is out of its prime and no longer represent today’s masculinity. Masculinity is no longer defined by men smashing and destroying everything around them (i.e.

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In terms of being eye catching, this ad succeeds; however, morally, it’s another story. Other than advertising Gucci’s “top of the tier” fashionable clothing-that is by no means overpriced- the image depicts and perpetuates sexist and gender stereotypical ideals. On one hand we have the gender stereotypes stemming from the male. Something about his “look” makes up most of the advertisement’s ability to be noticed.

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In the increasingly expanding and evolving industry of video games, many fresh developers and new independent gaming studios seek commercial success and professional attention from lead publishers. Thus, initial critiques on their first released games are extremely important and can often decide whether a new blockbuster franchise is born or whether the newly created game will remain forever largely unknown and overlooked.

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