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     Parisian fashion house Yves Saint Laurent boasts an iconic name in both the fashion and beauty industries, known for its luxury products and exclusivity. However, to stay a frontrunner and primary influencer in the constantly changing fashion industry, Saint Laurent must execute its advertising with an unparalleled artistry that provokes thought and offers consumers an incentive to purchase their products. As a result their advertisements are often provocative, a quality that Saint Laurent took too far in their Spring 2017 campaign by designer Anthony Vacarello.

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In late January 2017, geneticists at the Salk Institute in California announced a breakthrough for regenerative science: the successful creation of human-pig hybrids called chimeras. The creation of these organisms involved integrating human stem cells into embryonic pigs, and after several weeks of incubation, researchers observed that “some embryos showed that the human cells were beginning to specialize and turn into tissue precursors”(Belmonte et al.).

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            An area where I find it is important to express the fake news behind it is celebrity gossip. Everyday these false news articles come out and it’s all gossip about celebrity’s personal life in which certain people claim they know everything, and without even being certain they do, they publish it for the whole word to see anyways. These individual’s lives are exploited for the entertainment of the general public; often the facts these tabloids claim to have are totally false and ridiculous and only serve to create publicity.

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