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I choose an article, written by Manny Fernandez and Erik Eckholm, about Marlise Munoz who is brain-death, 14 weeks pregnant and forced to stay on life support. She was 33 when the doctors diagnosed Marlise Munroz brain-death from a blood clot in her lungs.  Her wish was not to be left on life support and John Peter Smith Hospital at Fort Worth in Texas did not want to execute her and her family wish because of their laws which stipulate that they cannot cutting off life support to a pregnant patient.   

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Since 1993, many different societies have attempted to reintroduce assisted suicide into our consciousness .In June 2012, The Supreme Court of Canada finally agrees to hear an appeal that briefly overturned the ban on assisted suicide( Dyck,1).The Supreme Court has agreed to review the country’s assisted suicide laws more than two decades after it rejected doctor-assisted dying for people who are terminally ill in 1993( Dyck,1).Gloria Taylor, a woman suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease was requesting permission for a doctor to end her life before she became incapacitated (Dyck,2).Taylor won

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The Article entitled “Drug testing for Sports: an Overview” written by Ericka Bouchard discusses the effects of performance enhancing drugs in the world of sports. Ericka begins the article by explaining how athletes use drugs such as anabolic steroids in order to increase their testosterone and red blood cell levels to gain muscle endurance, strength, weight, etc. Athletes who use performance enhancing drugs do so for a multitude of different reasons. One Reason is to “level the playing field” with athletes who have a much higher natural red blood cell count than the average athlete.

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