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Carolin Touzin wrote an article entitled “ 13 Reasons Why: une série «dangereuse» pour les ados dépressifs”. It’s been over a month since 13 Reasons Why, a teen drama focused on a teenage girl’s suicide, made its debut on Netflix, but the discussion around the series does not seem to quiet down. In fact, many learning establishments and specialists in suicide prevention are worried that the show might present an alternative solution to anyone going through difficult times or even worsen the state mind of youth already in treatment for mental illnesses.

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Videogames have seen a spike in popularity over the past decade, and with half of the North American population actively playing games, it has become a multi-billion-dollar industry. Although earlier games have had problems with sexualization of female characters, stereotypically muscular and stoic male characters, and little to no LGBT characters, games such as The Last of Us, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted and many more have broken down most of these barriers. However, statistically, most of the games in the past decade have contained some form of violence.

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       In February, the Korean girl group Six Bomb has revealed their teaser image for their music video "Becoming Prettier Before” (“Becoming Prettier Before”). The image shows the four young women wrapped in colorful bandages while their new faces, which have cost 100 million KRW or $88,000 to their management company, are revealed in the music video “Becoming Prettier After” (“Mathew”).

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Gregory Wallace explained through CNN Politics an issue that raised my concern. His powerful title of his article apprehends the matter greatly: “Voter Turnout at 20-year low in 2016”.  Indeed, the voting participation in 2016 in the United States of America was at its lowest point in the past 20 years. Only 55% of the voting age population selected the candidate they wanted to see rule their country. 55% of the American population represents 126 million votes. Although it seems like a lot, that is the result of the decrease of 18,7 million participants in the past two years.

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On January 25th, The New York Times announced that Vladimir Poutin approved a new law that reduces the sentence one can get if charged with domestic violence. Moreover, for now on, criminal charges will only be given if the victim was seriously injured (“concussion, broken bones or repetitive offense”). Some people go as far as saying that it is normal for parents to hit their children since it is a part of their culture. On the other side, some people believe it is a “step back to medieval times” and believe this law should not be in place.Afterwards, Ms.

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